The Etsy trend report reveals the most sought-after homewares for 2021

Our relationship with our homes changed entirely in 2020. No longer just a space to kick back after work, our home also became an office and a classroom. Unsurprisingly then, we looked at our homes with new eyes and decorated them within an inch of their lives. From little updates to full-blow renovations, no area of our home went untouched or unscathed. Now, as we look ahead to when life may feel a little more ‘normal’, we’re hoping to update it once again as it’s use evolves.

Need some inspiration? The Etsy trend report for 2021 has just revealed the biggest trends for the year ahead and the most sought-after homewares. From ‘Japandi’ to Travertine, here’s how you’ll be decorating your home in 2021.

Chequered prints

The Queen’s Gambit has clearly made an impact. On Etsy, searches for chequered print items within the home and living category have jumped a phenomenal 889 per cent. These searches include shoppers browsing for rugs, pillows, prints, and bedding, all emblazoned with ‘gingham’s modern cousin’.

Hand-painted Checkered Orange and White Plate, £20.34, Etsy

Punch Needle Hand Tufted Wall Hanging, £95, Etsy

The home sanctuary

The past year has seen us retreat into our homes to stay safe, and many of us have put more effort into making our spaces the sanctuary we’ve always wished they were. Our need for relaxing spaces has manifested in searches for spa-like bathrooms with Etsy reporting a 7,466 per cent increase in searches for eucalyptus shower bundles. That’s a lot of eucalypti!

Slim handcrafted reclaimed wood bath board, £58, Etsy

Shower Eucalyptus Bundle, £19.95, Etsy

Wavy, squiggly, and curvy decor

After the year we’ve all had, the more fun, the better when it comes to decor. Easy to incorporate into any space with subtle accessories or larger pieces, these soft zig-zags are taking Etsy by storm. In fact, they’ve witnessed a staggering 28,236 per cent increase in searches for wavy candles and a 5,296 per cent increase in searches for wavy mirrors. Our minds are slightly blown!

Wavy soy wax candle, £12, Etsy

SPLASH shape mirror – Medium, £63.35, Etsy


Travertine has a simultaneously retro feel to it (it was popular in the ‘80s) while still being thoroughly modern (it’s a more durable, sustainable alternative to marble). Etsy customers have been searching for the material in droves (211 per cent more, in fact), from both decor to furniture.

Travertine Coasters, £25.39, Etsy

Travertine Stone Bedside Table Pair, £220, Etsy


Two of the coolest cultural aesthetics, Japanese and Scandi, have come together to create this new trend, which encapsulates the coolest facets of both. ‘Japandi fuses modern minimalist and warm rustic styles, bringing both tranquillity and comfort to any space,’ the experts at Etsy say, while also noting that they’ve experienced a 172 per cent increase in searches for Japanese decor, and a 55 per cent increase in searches for Scandinavian decor.

Candlesticks set of 4, £28.47, Etsy

Speckled Bud Vase with White Glaze for Foliage, £68, Etsy

Mushroom motifs

Another throwback trend that’s reinvented itself, mushrooms are reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Mushroom lamps have skyrocketed in popularity after Murano glass became ‘in’ once more, and Etsy saw a 371% increase in searches for them as well as a whopping 902% increase in searches for mushroom pillows and pillowcases.

Mushroom Lamp in Murano Glass, £136.90, Etsy

Toadstool Art Print, £5.50, Etsy