Etsy reveals the top home decor trends for 2022

In the past few years, we’ve seen more of the inside of our homes than ever before. So it’s only natural that our interest in interiors and homeware has increased during that time – and by that, we mean we’ve never been more obsessed with wall art and houseplants.

If, like us, you love daydreaming about your ideal home, you’ll want to see Etsy’s new report on the biggest home decor trends for 2022. It seems the perfect, all-white, crisp and clean looks are out, while personal touches and layers are in.

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Etsy says: ‘Warm tones like camel, taupe and chocolate brown are becoming our new neutrals, while the mixing and matching of retro items with contemporary pieces – dubbed “newstalgia”– comforts us with memories of the past while grounding us in the present.’

In the last three months, the online marketplace recorded a whopping 2,313 per cent increase in searches for handmade furniture, suggesting we’re looking for unique items that might have even been upscaled – an eco-friendly way of design and decorating that’s clearly on people’s minds.

So now that we can have as many guests in our homes as we want, whenever we want, without any restrictions, what else might we be seeing more of this year?…

Etsy’s home decor trends for 2022

Over the top texture

Etsy has seen an 83 per cent increase in searches for boucle chairs, sofas and ottomans in the last three months (compared to the same time last year). Apparently, we’re craving texture and being tactile after years of social distancing, which goes to show in fashion as well as interiors.

Etsy vases

New Collection Molecules – bud vase sculpture, £78, Etsy

There’s also been a 172 per cent increase in searches for tufted wall art, and a rise in ribbed glassware and paper lampshades. ‘In addition to feeling good to touch, incorporating texture into your decor can add visual interest to your space, making it feel dynamic and lived in,’ says Etsy.

Etsy paper lampshade

Kai origami pendant paper lampshade in white, £90, Etsy

Grown-up gradients

Remember when tie-dye came back on the trend scene not so long ago? Now it appears we’re going for more subtle, ‘grown-up’ gradient designs in watercolour shades, on everything from wallpaper to decorative pieces. Searches on Etsy for ombre, gradient or dip dye candles are up 62 per cent.

etsy dip dye candles

Dip dye candles, £12.99, Etsy

Statement mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for looking at yourself, you know. They reflect light, so are great at making spaces feel bigger and brighter. Also, they make great wall decorations. As of late, Etsy has seen a 203 per cent increase in searches for funky mirrors, and over 100 per cent rise in searches for asymmetrical mirrors and tufted or punch needle mirrors.

Etsy mirror

Quill Wall mirror, Oak veneered plywood (made to order), £235, Etsy

Mood-boosting accents

After everything the world has been through, it’s no surprise we’re wanting to add mood-boosting aspects to our homes. ‘One easy way to boost your energy is to surround yourself with things that make you happy,’ says Etsy, ‘whether that’s through bright and sunny colour schemes, vintage pieces from a favourite childhood decade, or playful motifs that remind us not to take life (or ourselves) too seriously.’

As with fashion, the 90s are back in a big way, with searches for retro or nostalgia 90s items up 729 per cent. Pastel decor trends are also big, as well as bright abstract art.

etsy candle sticks

Vintage ceramic pink flower tapered tall candle stick holder, £20, Etsy

Unexpected wall art

This year, it seems shoppers are getting even more creative with wall art, using unconventional items and objects to stick on the walls. Etsy reported searches for personalised or custom shadow boxes are up 32 per cent, as well as functional items such as hanging propagation planters, hat hangers and bike wall mounts also gaining more interest.

Etsy wall magazine holders

Leather magazine rack/book holder, £13.99, Etsy