Es Saadi Marrakech Resort review: Escape to a palace in the sun

With the markets of Marrakech on the doorstep and links to outdoor adventure across Morocco, the Es Saadi Marrakech Resort is feeding travellers – mind, body and soul. 

Es Saadi Marrakech Resort
Marrakech only continues to rise in popularity, and its connections to Europe, especially London, make it only a short flight away. But amid the hustle and bustle of the markets and the robust riad competition, the best advice one can take is carving out a small piece of paradise that will keep you refreshed and vitalised as you wander back and forth between the sunbeams of the city.

That place, for us, is the Es Saadi Marrakech Resort. Whether you choose its five-star hotel, a villa or a beautiful suite in the Palace, you’ll have to tear yourself away from your room to indulge your senses elsewhere…

For the mind

The first essential almost year-round under the Saharan sun? Pools. Indoor and out. Here, there is an oasis-like 2,400 sqm of inviting waters for guests to float, swim, dip and splash within; or to simply relax beside and watch the reflecting sun pass over the clear skies. Sit beneath the palm trees, and while away the day with a drink in hand.

Es Saadi Marrakech reviewBut for the ultimate in relaxation, head inside to the indoor spa pool for the revitalising water at the heart of the resort. Equipped with hydrotherapy encompassing jets and whirlpools, the calm waters offer a perfect spot for quiet contemplation, and there is an ideal vantage point for keen-eyed Instagrammers too.

If the plan is to take care of your wellbeing, then embrace the next step and indulge in one of the spa’s many options, whether a traditional hammam massage or a signature treatment. Whatever you feel needs attention, there is a bespoke choice for it. But if you want to get a bit more active, the fitness room offers blissful yoga or something a little more robust, like Zumba. The choice is yours.

Es Saadi Marrakech reviewFor the body

If you wish to experience bliss through a different sense, then you can tingle your taste buds with the gastronomic delights of the Palace’s three main restaurants: the sophisticated La Cour des Lions atop the palace with pool views; Othello, an ode to venetian cuisine; or The Lagon & Jardin, offering healthy, organic options that come sin-free, but devilishly delicious.

Es Saadi Marrakech reviewWhen in Rome, or rather Marrakech, the local dishes will carry the much-needed authenticity to spoil any patron. This heirloom tradition of Morrocan meals would not be complete without a range of daring tagines and a plethora of exotic desserts. And if you are in any way uncertain, a helpful chef or maitre d’ will gladly guide you through your options.

For the soul

But what would relaxation be without a little adrenaline to counterbalance it? The Palace’s casino offers the chance to throw a few dice, spin the wheel or simply flip a few coins in slots; after all, someone has to win, right? And where better to celebrate any winnings than in the Theatro nightclub? Full of stunning shows and the place to be for a trendy night out, you are sure of a warm welcome.

Es Saadi Marrakech Resort reviewThough you may be looking for a home from home, or a touch of glamour, Es Saadi can also serve as an excellent activites base. Golf enthusiasts can find well-regarded courses not too far away and skiing is a surprisingly popular past time. And let’s not forget that within a day’s drive you could be deep into the Sahara desert, by the beaches of Essaouira or seeing cloven-hoofed goats climb Argania spinosa.

Junior suites at Es Saadi Marrakech Resort (Palace) start from £270 per night and villas £800. Buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi and Airport transfers included. To book, visit

Report by Nicole Gray