This trick could stop your summer shoes giving you blisters

The soaring temperatures may have brought us sunny skies, a glowing tan and the opportunity for all of the barbecues and picnics we could wish for – but there are some downsides too.

Top of our list of complaints – apart from being too hot to sleep – is our tired and swollen feet, rubbed raw from ballooning up from the heat while we’re wearing summer shoes.

Suffering too? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that the pain could be prevented, thanks to a surprising product that you may already have tucked away in the cupboard.

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Speaking to WhoWhatWear, podiatrist Bobby Pourziaee, also known as ‘The High Heel Doc’ revealed the trick to avoiding blisters when wearing cheaper shoes, and it’s one that can definitely be applied to our sore sandal woes too.

‘Use an Epsom salt soak to reduce swelling of your feet, which will reduce excessive pressure points with the shoes,’ he explained. ‘Those pressure points will contribute to blisters. Soaking will also reduce the dead skin cells on the feet, which contribute to blister formation.’

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Epsom salts are a cheap, simple-to-use solution for a multitude of aches and pains, and they’re perfect for reviving your exhausted feet on a long, hot day. Simply pour a cup (around 100-250g) into a tub of lukewarm water to dissolve, and soak your feet in to reduce the swelling.

And when you’re on the lookout for a new pair of shoes? Bobby also recommends shopping at the end of the day, ‘when your feet are bigger.’

‘Never shop for shoes first thing in the morning as your feet will have time to be affected by gravity at the end of the day,’ he advises. ‘This will ensure a proper fit and not have areas of the foot rub on shoes that are too tight.’