Emma Bridgewater has collaborated with Cadbury for the prettiest Roses tins ever

If there’s one thing we’re sure everyone in the country can agree on, it’s that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tin of chocolates. Specifically, our tinned treats of choice are Roses (we could probably eat approximately 100 hazel whirls per minute). 

So we were pretty excited to hear that iconic British homeware designer Emma Bridgewater has teamed up with the team at Cadbury to design two Roses tins – to help us ‘Unwrap Your Favourite Home Comfort this Christmas’ – of course packed with our favourite chocolatey treats.

cadbury roses emma bridgewater tinThere will be two special edition designs available – one in a powder blue colour with rose stems across the side (£5.99 exclusively from Waitrose); the other a darker bright blue with rose buds (£9.99, available nationwide).

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‘As two brands whose origins are steeped in bringing loved ones together, being thankful for the people and things in our lives, and creating a sense of home and comfort, we know that it’s the small things and gestures that can mean so much and make everyday life a little bit nicer,’ a press release for the collaboration read. ‘Like a lovely mug of tea and your favourite chocolate whilst catching up with a friend. Join us in being #thankfulforhomecomforts.’

While it appears as though the Emma Bridgewater x Cadbury Roses tins are currently only available at Cadbury Gifts Direct (and are currently out of stock), do keep your eyes peeled as they’re set to launch nationwide – with the excluisve powder blue tin dropping at Waitrose stores and online – in the very near future.

 The special edition tins would make a lovely gift for loved ones in the run-up to the festive season, and we’ll be reusing the pretty tins for years to come (once we’ve inevitably scoffed all the chocolates in one festive sitting).