6,500 people asked for this celebrity favourite French moisturiser to come to the UK

A notably high demand is usually a strong indicator on how good a product is, so when we heard that 6,500 people were asking for a restock of cult French brand Embryolisse new London Edition of their iconic Lait-Crème Concentre, we were all ears.

Beauty Bay

The moisturiser, which is apparently very popular among celebrities – we’re talking everyone from Emma Willis, Michelle Keegan and Ariana Grande to Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson and the Kardashians – has a huge following. But the latest London Edition seems to have been its biggest success yet.

The product, which retails on the Beauty Bay website for £18, sold out just seven hours after it was launched last week, both in stores and online nationwide. In fact, it exceeded sales expectations by 300 per cent – a real first for the brand.

‘We have never seen such huge sales in the first week of launching a new product in the UK,’ a spokesperson for Embryolisse said. ‘British shoppers are going mad for the new London design over New York and Paris designs by a huge margin, proving that in a time of political chaos, they are showing their support of a patriotic focused product.’

Beauty Bay

Lait-Crème Concentre Limited Edition London, £18, Beauty Bay

The launch of the London Edition comes after the brand saw success with its New York and Paris versions. However the London outsold both of these, outdoing the New York by 100 per cent and Paris by an incredible 270 per cent.

But what is so special about it? Well, not only does the creamy formula work its magic on the driest of patches, the brand explains, ‘Embryolisse’s rich moisturising lotion works as six products in one: makeup primer, moisturiser, make-up remover, repairing mask, an after-shave cream and care product.’

No wonder it’s a favourite. What’s not to love?