Edwina Ings-Chambers: This classic has royal pedigree

It’s one of my mum’s favourites – and rumoured to be on the royal radar, too. 

One of the things that may have skipped your notice about beauty brand Elizabeth Arden is that it holds a Royal Warrant. A Royal Warrant from HM The Queen, no less, as a manufacturer of cosmetics. 

Quite what that entails in terms of product usage for the royal bathroom is not made clear but it has oft been rumoured in beauty circles that one of the preferred offerings may be the brand’s Blue Grass Cream Deodorant. 

Whether it’s true or not – and Elizabeth Arden certainly isn’t commenting one way or the other, discretion being the better part of valour and all that – this is a vintage beauty item that deserves a little more of the public gaze. 

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass
Elizabeth Arden Inc

Now, I grant you that it seems a little improper – even vaguely treasonous – to be even conjecturing about what Her Maj may or may not use under her arms. But, frankly, it makes no difference to my praise. I need no royal nod to say that, as deodorants go, this is a cut above. It goes on smoothly and keeps me feeling – and smelling – fresh all day even when I’ve been constantly on the move. (It does, in case you’re keen to know, include aluminium).

But, admittedly, a main reason I love it is because of the Blue Grass fragrance itself, for which I have a bit of a fondness. It was something my mother used back in the day – though only ever in body lotion form. It was always kept high up and away from pesky little hands that might have wasted its preciousness. I can still clearly remember the bottle it was housed in, the way the lotion itself was coloured a thematic – and delicate – light cornflower blue. 

Consequently, the fragrance is deeply resonant for me, but it stands in its own right as a really charming aroma. It was created in 1934, information which may in itself give you a sense of its delicate femininity, and it is at once fresh, light and floral (with rose, orange blossom, lily of the valley, lavender, jasmine and the uncut warm grassiness of vetiver) but has a strength running through it with sandalwood, musk and clove. 

Personally, I wish Arden made a bit more of Blue Grass. At a time when words such as ‘heritage’ and ‘authenticity’ are key for brands building solid futures, there’s surely so much that could be done with this overlooked little gem. As it is, the Blue Grass fragrance is still available and the cream deodorant is largely only sold in the US but can be found over here on Amazon, from around £22. 

Looking for a good foundation?

Then look no further than these – they’re my three current favourites… 

★ Chanel Ultra Le Teint Velvet (available in 15 shades, £37, chanel.com) may be a longwear formula but it is super lightweight, delivers a natural finish and boasts gentle blurring technology for an extra-flattering effect. It also doesn’t dry out skin, crack or sit in or emphasise lines. In short, it gives a wonderful perfecting look to skin. 

★ Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation (available in 50 shades, £43, selfridges.com) launched a few months ago. It’s a medium- to full-coverage base that really does live up to its name: my skin looked luminous and hydrated all day. 

★ Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (available in 12 shades, £20, glossier.com). While this super-sheer formula is almost like wearing nothing at all, its lightweight cover isn’t just flattering, it also evens out skin tone and moisturises as it goes. 

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson