Edwina Ings-Chambers: Skin, meet your new best friend

Looking for the ultimate complexion boost? This is the one I’m plumping for right now.

We all seem to be a bit more obsessed with skincare at the moment, and according to the beauty destination Space NK, in the skincare category alone it is seeing a 163 per cent rise in sales on last year. Within that, serums in particular are up 143 per cent as, it tells me, we also appear to be more open to both trying new things and investing in luxury purchases.

dior Capture Totale Cell Energy Super Potent SerumWhich brings me to this little number, which ticks all the above boxes: Dior Capture Totale Cell Energy Super Potent Serum (£59.50 for 30ml, dior.com). It’s part of a new and complete skincare range (moisturiser, eye cream, essence) but it’s the serum that’s the real power player (this, of course, is usually the case as serum formulations are more potent). And this one delivers a serious moisture hit – dehydration is certainly one of my main concerns and I’ll latch on to anything that helps. In this case it’s thanks to some hyaluronic acid. So far, so expected you could say. But this is a newer version of HA – official name sodium acetylated hyaluronate – which has a greater capacity to hold water than your average HA and can also get deeper into the skin than other versions of an equivalent molecular size.

It is, says Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Dior’s international scientific communications director, ‘more penetrating and resistant, to offer more intense and durable results’. So essentially this is better at providing some extra plumping and helping your skin stay hydrated for longer.

Of course, as I always say, there is no magic bullet for making us look 20 years younger. But I’ve been trialling this and my skin does feel plumper – I’d even say fresher – and definitely more hydrated.

The texture is incredibly lightweight (almost milky), which I love. And there’s only the slightest bit of tackiness post-application. Of course, moisturiser on top is good to seal in all those hydrating benefits but I’ve found this is also a great base for a good tinted moisturiser or foundation.

A serene way to lighten up

7over7 candleA wonderful new candle brand this way comes. Meet 7 Over 7, thus named because it’s all about creating fragrant blends that align the body’s seven chakras. So these candles can be used to aid meditation – or just to make your home smell incredible. They are made from natural wax with cotton wicks, and mine has burned evenly and smells wonderful. The blend was Neroli Madurai, a refreshing mix including sweet orange, jasmine and its namesake neroli. Other blends include Grounding Woods (charred silver birch, oakmoss and patchouli) and Rose Bohemia, which includes Egyptian geranium, aldehydes and amber.

I’m a big fan of the packaging, too. Each candle comes in a handmade ceramic pot, complete with a lid, and could be put to myriad uses once the candle has burned its last. Alternatively, 7 Over 7 offers a refill service and will send you the necessary packaging to safely return your pot, then refill it and get it back to you. £65 or £45 for a refill, live7over7.com.