Edwina Ings-Chambers: A-list make-up lady calling

Lisa Armstrong’s brilliant new range for Avon is set to make the rest of us close-up ready, too.

On a rainy afternoon, Lisa Armstrong is nestled into the sofa of her West London home. She’s remarkably relaxed, given that it’s a Pretty Big Day: a first look at her signature make-up range created with Avon. ‘I’m so thrilled with it,’ she beams. ‘It totally comes from me – from my heart.’

If you’re not aware of Lisa’s impressive 20-year career as a top make-up artist, which includes 13 years at Strictly (‘It’s such a privilege and a dream to be there’), that may be because in much of the media coverage of her she’s reduced to merely being the ex-wife of presenter Ant McPartlin. But women, as we know, are so much more than the sum of their partnerships – romantic ones at least. And this new professional alliance is a knockout: a concise range of everyday make-up essentials, from primer and foundation to bronzer, highlighters and brow products. ‘It was so important for me to get it right,’ she says. And she has.

lisa armstrong Avon make-up
Alessandro di Rosa/Focus on Infinity

Lisa has been hands-on in every detail since the project began two years ago. She ensured the Dazzle Stick Eye Pencils are creamy enough and that the inside won’t drop out as it sharpens down. The lipsticks close magnetically as ‘there’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on a handbag, putting your lipstick in, the lid comes off and it’s all smooshed in the bottom’.

She’s even referenced her best friends – ‘the girls that have supported me in the past few years while I’ve been developing this’ – by naming lipsticks and their corresponding lip pencil shades after them. The liner is their first name, the lipstick is what she calls them (Tara becomes T, Zoe becomes Zo, etc). She’s all about women supporting women – it’s the reason she likes partnering with Avon. ‘It’s empowering women in their own businesses – from my range they use their skills to sell and earn a living (some guys do as well). It’s being independent and getting out there.’

There are more products in the pipeline. Any Strictly sparkles coming? ‘Watch this space.’ And keep watching – because something tells me that in many ways Lisa Armstrong is just getting started.

4 top picks from the new Lisa Armstrong Avon range

lisa armstrong avon lipstickLipsticks, £12 each, available in eight shades and two finishes: satin and matte

lisa armstrong avon bronzerCheat The Heat Matte Bronzer, £12, available in two shades: Sunrise Shimmer and Sunset Glow 

lisa armstrong avon mascaraMiraculous Volume Mascara, £12, available in Noir. ‘With the brush I made sure you can really get into the lash and lift it up,’ says Lisa

lisa armstrong Avon eye pencilDazzle Stick Eye Pencils, £10 each, available in six shades. Lisa didn’t want these to be ‘too weighty or too long’, so that they are easy to use and maintain accuracy

Strictly for Lisa

Glitter or false lashes? Definitely a bit of sparkle.

Mascara or false lashes? Mascara.

Dry shampoo or blow dry? I’d always prefer a blow dry.

Save for best or use it up? Use it up – always.

Favourite fragrance? Michael Kors.

Brows: wax, thread or pluck? I swear by threading.

Self-tan or real tan? Self-tan.

Bath or shower? You can’t beat a long soak.

Blonde or brunette? Blonde.

Fastest time you’ve done your own make-up? I can do a quick face change on Strictly in five minutes so could probably do mine in two.

Instagram or Twitter? Instagram.

Savoury or sweet? Savoury.

Dog or cat? I love dogs.

Netflix or cinema? Cinema.

For exclusive access to shop the Lisa Armstrong Avon collection visit avon.uk.com/lisaarmstrong