Edwina Ings-Chambers: The one-shot wonder that’s all you need to refresh your hair colour between salon visits

Just, wow! I know, given my journalism day job, that I should probably come up with some better wordsmithery than that, but the truth is that ‘wow!’ perfectly sums up my reaction to hair colourist Josh Wood’s new Shade Shot Gloss (£15, boots.com). 

I’m pretty cynical about a lot of hair products and far from a natural at home hair colouring – I rely on the skills of Nicola Clarke to ensure I’m more blonde than mouse. However, Josh Wood is slowly but surely changing my mind – this latest addition to his range is my personal favourite. It’s a semipermanent dose of gloss that reboots your colour and adds some serious shine (on average it lasts up to six washes, depending on your hair type).

josh wood shade shot gloss

With my hair, although I was long overdue a colour session at the salon, I think I can now safely postpone that for several weeks – even my greys (or what colourist David at the Josh Wood salon refers to as ‘wisdom highlights’) were reblended in (not coloured or dyed, just much less noticeable as the hair around them lightened). Plus, as the formula also contains a nourishing mask, my hair feels like silk.

The process is simple: wash your hair, apply the shot from root to tip (plastic gloves are included) and leave on for up to 20 minutes (I went the whole 20 but if you’re nervous about results you can build up to that – each tube contains six applications on average), then wash off and style as normal. And though I did go to the salon to be talked through it, some of the YOU team tried it at home and were equally impressed by the results. There are four shades: two for blondes (Icy to banish brassiness for a cool finish, and Champagne – my choice – which boosts blonde and gives a sun-kissed look) and two for brunettes (Smoky to neutralise orange and red tones and Chestnut for more warmth and a chocolatey result). 

Josh is keen to transform the DIY-hair-colour market – I’ve spoken to him many times and this is a serious passion project, to take the fear and risk of failure out of the home-colouring arena. Plus, he’s all too aware that only a small minority can afford to go to a salon regularly – it’s all about hair equality. So if you’re unsure when you go to buy, you can always send a photo of your hair to the team via his website or, if you’re in London, the new Boots store at Covent Garden will have an advisory pod in situ.

It might not quite be life changing but it is a hair-colour revolutionary and will certainly reduce the frequency of your salon visits. 

Karma Kamali

Norma Kamali
Michael Waring

When I grow up, I’d like to be Norma Kamali (above) – she of the famous ruched fashion and swimwear designs. The woman’s 73 and looks more like 37 – plus she’s a total hoot to hang out with. Now she’s moved into beauty with Normakamalife, launching tomorrow with a skincare range. It’s a very groovy-looking, unisex offering of a cleanser (Clean), buffer (Smooth), tanner (Glow) and moisturiser (Soft) – which also works as a make-up remover and even foot mask. I’m a particular fan of the self-tan, which gives a very natural-looking finish on my pale skin. From £32.40, from Selfridges London and Manchester Trafford.

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson