Edwina Ings-Chambers: Before you get your legs out…

…check out these two new treatments that gave mine an instant tone-up. 

I bring good news – if, like many of us, you’re prone to a little water weight in the lower limbs, you’ll be interested in the new Legology Signature Leg Contouring Massage (£120 for 60 minutes, currently in London only at hello@legology.co.uk).

women's legs
Jessica Sample

I won’t claim that it’s the most relaxing massage you’ll ever have but it’s not painful and, most importantly, it is effective. All the dry brushing and deep massaging, along with the use of silicone cup suction help to boost the lymph system and leave legs in tip-top shape for days. OK, it’s no miracle worker – you won’t suddenly have supermodel legs if you hadn’t before. But they will look leaner, feel lighter and skin will seem more toned. So if there’s an upcoming event you want your limbs to be in better nick for, this is a great option.

Since my treatment I’ve also kept the effects going by using the Legology Lymph-Lite Boom Brush (£16, spacenk.com). It’s a good size, easy for getting into ankles and has bristles that are strong enough to feel emphatic without being too harsh. 

Body Ballancer
It looks scary but the Body Ballancer works miracles

An even more major lymphatic drainage overhaul comes in the form of the Body Ballancer (from around £70 for 30 minutes; find your nearest clinic at bodyballancer.co.uk). It looks like ski salopettes and you zip yourself into it in much the same way. Except this suit is attached to a pump and contains 24 air chambers which inflate in sequence to get the lymph system moving. It’s medical-grade quality. I’ve trialled it and loved it – I was almost addicted. It helped decrease bloating but also increased my energy levels – and turbocharged another bodily waste disposal system, if you get my meaning. It will cost £5,700 to buy your own (if you’re friends with your neighbours you could create a syndicate). Or find a clinic near you; for best results I’d recommend a course of treatments.

Plump for these eco-friendly hydrators

There’s been some good beauty eco-news recently: The Body Shop banned face wipes and the government announced plastic cotton buds (together with straws and stirrers) would be discontinued by April next year. Both are good and important moves, though I can’t help but wonder if the tide will turn against single-use sheet masks. Yes, some are biodegradable – as are some wipes. Still, it’s a lot of waste and some brands are doing their bit to cut down.

Orveda was the first that I know of to introduce a reusable silicone mask – for use with its Prebiotic Emulsion (£280, orveda.com). Now L’Oréal Paris has followed suit and announced that it will be issuing its Revitalift Filler Hyaluromask formula with a Re-usable Sheet Mask (£19.99, exclusively at amazon.co.uk) from next month. This acts in much the same way as the disposables: it helps to reduce mess and dripping and keeps the product on for longer so as much as possible can be absorbed. But these don’t just get plonked in the bin. Instead, wash it and keep it until next time.

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson