Edwina Ings-Chambers: Crystals are rocking the beauty world

But can they really lift your complexion and your emotions? Here’s my verdict…

When Courteney Cox was recently photographed using a rose quartz face roller at a restaurant in New York the use of crystals to boost complexions went from micro trend (those in the know have been massaging their faces with jade rollers for a while) to a whole new power level. Quite literally, because Courteney’s gadget – the brainchild of US facialist Angela Caglia – is battery-powered and vibrates for added effect. Angela already has a roster of rose quartz facial tools, which sell like hot cakes on Net-a-Porter, while her rose-quartz eye mask has recently been added to Cult Beauty’s brand offering. But back to that souped-up roller. 

‘It helps with puffiness and dark circles, but because of the vibrations you can sculpt and lift the sides of your face. People are amazed by the results, which typically last for about 70 hours,’ says Angela. We’re not talking a full-on facelift here but a decent boost. So why rose quartz? ‘The stone stays cold naturally, which helps with puffiness and under-eye circles,’ she explains. ‘Also rose quartz has self-love and self-esteem-building energy and when I work with women I want them to feel confident.’ 

crystal beauty productsAh yes, that whole crystal/stone magical power thing. Does she really believe in that? ‘I do but I’m not that crystal chick. Honestly, I chose rose quartz because it’s pretty – I want people to pick it up and use it. If it holds love energy, even better.’ 

But crystals are increasingly being used in products. Inc.redible has added amethyst, rose quartz and aventurine to its Rollerball lip glosses. ‘I have always been obsessed with crystals and their healing powers and use my jade face roller every day, which inspired this collection,’ says founder Thea Green. 

When I met supermodel Miranda Kerr to chat about her Kora Organics range, she told me that her products are filtered through rose quartz ‘to give a vibration of love’. She understood some might find it ‘a bit woo-woo’ but said it doesn’t hurt anyone. ‘The intention is to uplift the people using them. If they feel that energy, great, if not, it doesn’t matter.’

The brand Kalmar is based around good energy, too. Founder Karen Ruimy says, ‘Stones carry a certain vibration that will regulate your energy field and thus your emotions and wellbeing. I totally believe that their presence in a body product fosters balance and healing.’ Her collection is divided into Peace, Joy, Love and Calm. 

It’s easy to be cynical and Western science on this is as rare as hen’s teeth. But Katie Brindle, who makes jade and rose quartz combs and Gua Sha tools (which, during this traditional Chinese practice, are scraped over skin to boost circulation), points out that ‘Chinese medicine has a rich tradition of using crystals as medicine’. The philosophy is that gemstones support our jing qi (life essence), blood (circulation) and fluids (lymphatic drainage). 

The brands worth investing in include…

1. Goop G.Tox Malachite + AHA Pore Refining Tonic, £68, cultbeauty.co.uk.

2. Nazan Schnapp Detoxing Exfoliant Cleanser with Jade, £84, nazanschnapp.com.

3. Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Eye Mask, £110, cultbeauty.co.uk.

4. Kalmar Calm Soothing Body Cream, £50, kalmarlifestyle.com.

5. Herbivore Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, £38, exclusive to libertylondon.com.

6. Elektric Alice Soy Quartz Crystal Candle, £48, freepeople.com.

7. Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Comb, £38, hayoumethod.com.

8. Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Roller, £160, net-a-porter.com.

9. Inc.redible Cosmetics Crystal Ball Rollergloss, £8, superdrug.com.

10. Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer, £25, spacenk.com.

Game of stones

‘You don’t need to know everything about crystals to feel their effects,’ says Emma Lucy Knowles, healer and author of The Power of Crystal Healing. ‘Just being in their presence shifts your energy at a subconscious level and you don’t need to be a believer or really into it to benefit.’ So we asked her to explain the qualities of some stones…

Rose quartz – the stone of the heart

‘Your heart, my heart, the heart of life – this beautiful warming crystal (whether polished or raw, held as a palm or pocket stone, or as a safe keeper under your pillow or by your bed) sources, stimulates and pulses pure radiating unconditional compassionate love.’ 

Aventurine – for calming anger 

‘This deeply enriching stone helps to ground you and promotes mental stability. It calms anger and irritation and its precious vibration works blissfully in aligning and balancing your central nervous system. Think of it as similar to hitting the reset button.’ 

Amethyst – for an overnight charge

‘Often most effectively deployed to rest and transition into a deep, dreamy sleep. I recommend holding it for an hour before going to bed and letting your mind drift.’

Malachite – for a detox 

‘PMA (positive mental attitude) is sometimes a challenging state of mind to step into. This stone will help make the most out of an unhealthy situation and dispels negative energy. Please only use for short periods of time: 20 minutes with malachite should be followed with at least ten minutes with a soothing stone such as rose quartz.’

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson