Edwina Ings-Chambers: Bodycare has upped its game…

…and this big smoothie is my current favourite.

It isn’t often that I’ll get overly excited by a body lotion. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t some great ones on the market. In fact, one of my most longstanding beauty product love affairs has been with the Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion and its delicate smell of orange blossom.

More than that, in the past couple of years there has been an increasing focus on the skincare we apply from the neck down and a movement to ensure that these creams also come packed with some of the powerful and efficacious ingredients that we usually associate with our face products. Which means that the category has seriously been upping its game. A great – and affordable – example is The Solution (from £9.99, thesolutionbeauty.co.uk), with its easy-to-understand labelling and body lotions boasting vitamin C to brighten and hyaluronic acid to moisturise.

But there is a new bodycare-dedicated brand that I have heavily fallen for: Messiah and Eve. It is taking a proper skincare route to its range, which includes everything from bath oils to body cleansers. My favourite offering is its Body Cream (£25, messiahandeve.co.uk), which comes with plant-derived squalane for deep moisturisation, prebiotics to aid a healthy skin barrier, vitamin B5 to soothe, and jojoba and avocado oils to soften.

messiah & eveThe reason for my ardour, though, goes beyond the practical. The fragrance to this range is wonderful. It’s the kind of fine aroma that if it were bottled by itself you’d pay good money for, and getting to slather it on limbs feels indulgent and spoiling and mood-boosting. It smells so good I usually use it as my fragrance for the day as nothing else is required and it lasts well on skin – I’ve had friends ask me what perfume I’m wearing long into the evening even after a morning application. So how does it smell? A bit churchy but sexy, a rich evocative blend of jasmine, leather notes and black pepper. In other words: glorious. @edwinaingschambers

Great hair… every day

I thought I’d highlight a couple of other everyday products that have been lifted to the realms of the special thanks to their fine fragrance. First is top hairdresser George Northwood’s Undone range of shampoos and conditioners (from £12 each, georgenorthwood.com). With notes of violet and sandalwood, it elevates a morning shower to luxurious levels and, of course, leaves hair smelling wonderful.

George Northwood shampooAnd hair guru Sam McKnight’s line of styling products (from £10, cultbeauty.co.uk) smells the opposite of quotidian. Rather it is a blend of frankincense, green leaf and an aroma created by perfumer Lyn Harris.

Sam McKnight dry shampooThis helps me scrub up well

And continuing on a ‘rest of the body’ theme, if you’re in the market for a new body scrub then Sanctuary Spa has just extended its White Lily & Damask Rose range to include a Himalayan Salt Scrub. It’s effective and the aroma is pretty and refreshing. £10, boots.com.

sanctuary spa salt scrubBeauty assistant: Alice Robertson