Editor’s letter: The extraordinary news we all need

It’s easy to get bogged down in the bad things that happen all around us every day. Bad news sells, which is why the media bellows at us about lying politicians, abused children and all manner of unspeakable misery. So it can be very easy to forget another truth: that actually, alongside evil, an incredible amount of goodness thrives in the world, too.

That’s why we wanted to do something very special for this issue of YOU magazine. With just a few days left in this rollercoaster of a year, we wanted to present a powerful reminder that a lot of fantastic things happened in 2021. And, crucially, a lot of those fantastic things were spearheaded by women – extraordinary women.

Here, we have highlighted 21 women who, in one way or another, truly made their presence felt, be it in the wider stratosphere of saving the planet, to some very powerful positive impacts on women’s health. What I love about this list is that, yes, while there are some household names and faces that you’ll be familiar with, we’re shining a light on many women who aren’t famous, and don’t even seek fame. They’re the sort of women who have been quietly, passionately, putting their all into their chosen profession. The sort of women who are probably ever so slightly embarrassed to be drawing attention in one of Britain’s most-read magazines. But they deserve credit and I think you deserve to have positive information percolating in your mind. I can’t think of a more joyful message in this of all weeks. Next time you find yourself stunned by some bad news, remember this.

In fact, it’s hugely important to me that YOU magazine shares the positive stories that are out there. I love how many of you get in touch to talk about what you’ve read in our pages, and the memories and experiences our content inspires. It’s a true privilege to create it for you, which is why I want to wish you all, from Team YOU, a very merry Christmas.

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