Editor’s letter: Age is nothing, attitude is everything

I never make New Year’s resolutions. If I wanted to commit to doing something I’d just do it at any time of year. If I need to have an actual word with myself – to, say, learn another language or stop using the rudest phrases in the one I already speak – it’s a pretty clear sign that my heart’s not in it to begin with.

But I can tell you one thing I will always happily resolve to do, my friends, and that is to never ‘act my age’. There comes a point in one’s life – and especially if you’re a woman – when those around us feel we ought to stop doing this or that ‘at our age’. People don’t like it when Madonna posts a risqué picture online ‘at her age’. They seem to positively hate it when a group of former Sex and the City actresses, now 50-something women, are still drinking and dating their way around Manhattan in And Just Like That.

Occasionally I receive an email from a reader who doesn’t feel she can wear some of the fashion we showcase ‘at her age’. But I disagree. Age is nothing, attitude is everything. There is plenty in this issue that’s inspired me anew to never, never let anyone or anything else decide what’s right for me to do, say, think or even wear ‘at my age’.

Look at Trinny Woodall, already a fabulous rule breaker when it comes to ‘dressing for your age’, but I also love the energy she’s put into completely reinventing her career in her 50s. As she details here, plenty of people tried to knock the wind out of her sails along the way but she refused to do what some thought she ought to be doing ‘at her age’ and life stage. She’s proof that listening to your gut instincts is vital, and that you’re never too old to thrive in a new career.

I love Joseph Bates’s story here. The former special forces soldier and fiancé of supermodel Jodie Kidd has learnt this the hard way. His raw honesty about his mental health journey is one I’m so proud to share with you today because I believe his message is vital: none of us is ever too old, or too strong, to ask for help when we need it.

And you’re never too old to get your mojo back. I’ve been a fan of Dr Michael Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor, for some time now (I’m not being paid to say that – I love his weekly newsletter; check it out). What he has to say about getting the optimum performance from our own bodies in work and rest is so interesting we made it the cover story. It’s life-changing information that you deserve to know – yes, even at your age!

I can’t think of a more inspiring way to start 2022. I hope it’s the happiest year yet for all of you.

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