Editor’s letter: Turns out, I am not weird after all

I’m lucky in that I don’t generally struggle to sleep. But on the odd occasion that I find myself tossing and turning in the dead of night, it will occur to me to get up and look out of the window. And I kid you not: I will always find myself staring at a luminous full moon. ‘Ah yes – the full bloody moon,’ I will think to myself, as I stumble back to bed, resigned to the fact that this is why I can’t – and won’t – sleep tonight. 

I used to wonder if I was imagining it. My husband rolled his eyes if I ever actually said out loud that the moon had kept me awake. But these days, good ol’ Google can instantly reassure me that I am far from the only one for whom this lunar-related insomnia is officially a thing. There’s even information on the NHS website about it. 

It’s nice to know I’m not mad – or possibly a werewolf – but I have to admit I’m also mildly disappointed to learn there is a bit of science behind this strange phenomenon. I like the idea that some magic might be real. I’ve never seen a ghost but I’m willing to believe others who say they have. I don’t follow my daily horoscope reading, but I’m a Pisces and I do believe I have a rather Piscean personality (mostly this means I am a chronic daydreamer with a tendency for oversensitivity – which may well also explain my moon issues). 

It could be a symptom of our uncertain times that some of these more mystic, spiritual interests are having a popular resurgence. Consider astrology which, after many wilderness years of being labelled a bit old hat, is enjoying a wave of global popularity among millennials, not seen since the 1970s. 

And now, into this space, the moon has, um, risen as the subject of a fashionable new mystical craze. Here, Karen Yossman examines the phenomenon of wellness fans across the world who credit the moon with everything from boosting energy to curing acne. Is there anything in it? Considering that I really believe the moon, somehow, manages to affect me, I’m not going to be too quick to dismiss these beliefs out of hand. As ever, I know you will make up your own mind and I really look forward to hearing your views.

Tonight, 13 October, we will see a new, full ‘harvest moon’, so it’s probably best to avoid me on what’s sure to be a grouchy Monday morning tomorrow. On the plus side, I can’t think of many things more beautiful than a full moon, so at least I’ll have something pretty to stare at later when I can’t sleep. 

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