We’ve found the perfect wedding guest hairstyle (and it actually looks achievable at home)

This year has truly seen summer events season come back with a bang, and we are so grateful to once again have sporting fixtures, festivals, weddings and summer parties back in our calendars.

However, these various events come with the requirement to make an effort appearance-wise, and as well as sorting our outfits and accessories, there’s also hair and make-up to think about.

It always makes an outfit feel more pulled together if you have a fabulous blow-dry or updo to complement your look, but achieving this without an expensive intervention by a hair stylist can be tricky.

However, one hairstyle that’s been a hit on social media offers the perfect avenue to looking polished without spending hours in front of the mirror getting tangled up in hair tongs and bobby pins.

It’s called the ‘cord knot bun’ and has been demonstrated by hair and makeup artist Emma Chen, who lives in Australia’s Gold Coast. She calls it ‘the best looking two-minute up style’ and we are inclined to agree.

Demonstrating how to replicate the style on her Instagram page, Emma said you should first of all create a low half ponytail.

Then, half fold the ponytail through the hairband to create a bun shape, using the half that is left out to wrap around the hairband.

Finally, pin the style in place with a bobby pin and secure with texture spray if you want to add more volume.

As for the products to use, it’s all about adding texture to the hair before you style to give it shape and hold. Emma recommends she recommends Bondi Boosts Sea Salt Spray (£21) to help get the hair ready for this look.

Wedding guest hair sorted? We’ve got some outfit suggestions too…