5 easy ways to re-boot your home for spring

You have probably heard the name Kate Watson Smyth. Writer of renowned interiors blog Mad About The House, interiors journalist and founder of an interior design consultancy, you could say that Kate is a bit of a name in the design world – and she knows more than a little bit about sorting out your home for the season ahead.

Here she shares her top (simple yet effective) tips on giving the home a re-boot for spring.

MJ Chapman

Change your rugs and curtains with the seasons


We change our clothes every season, it makes complete sense to do the same with our interiors. Swap heavy-duty materials such as velvets and wools for lighter, fresher fabrics like linen and cotton. Do the same with colours-darker tones envelop the light whereas neutrals and pastel shades reflect light. H&M Home have a great new selection of pastel-inspired cushions and throws.

Sort out those cables


We seem to have arrived at the paperless office, but not at the cordless home. Until that day comes, try to make the best of messy areas by untangling cables and clipping them together or feeding them through cable tidy tubes. It’s a small change but it can make a massive difference to the look and feel of a room – especially around bedside tables. And it’s safer too.

Time to go green

Rose & Grey

Not just the recycling, (although it might be time to invest in a proper sorting system) but bring some greenery in. If you are not a green-fingered goddess however, fear not, it’s perfectly acceptable to fake it. There are some really great faux plants around – check out roseandgrey.co.uk for a vast selection. Plants are guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you look forward to the long days of summer.

Consider the touch points


When it comes to spring cleaning, door handles and light switches are often the last thing we think about as we tend to concentrate on the bigger stuff like the furniture. But the devil is in the detail and the details that people touch are what they remember. Even traditional plastic electric controls are being replaced with new materials such as stainless steel and ceramics. Make this the year when you swap your old switches and handles for something prettier and more tactile. Anthropologie.com and gdecor.co.uk offer a nice selection.

Update unloved essentials with stylish alternatives


There are many necessary home appliances that make life easier but may be outdated or overlooked. Now is the time to give them your full attention. So get rid of that ugly white box on the wall and replace it with something more stylish. Nest.com do a great collection of sleek, modern smoke alarms and thermostats. Practical needn’t mean unattractive.