The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a secret third home

Prince William and Kate Middleton are known to split their time between their two homes: Kensington Palace in London and Anmer Hall on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The couple — along with their three children — get to experience the best of both worlds with this set up, savouring both city life and the countryside, depending on what they fancy. But it’s now been revealed that as well as these two pads, the couple also has a third home all the way up in Scotland.

duke and duchess of Cambridge
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It’s been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoy a third home in the form of Tam-Na-Ghar cottage on the Queen’s Balmoral estate, where she chooses to spend her summers.

The super private abode is rarely talked about, and has not been photographed due to its secret nature, but it is often enjoyed by the couple and their growing family. In fact, it’s said that William first used the cottage when he attended St Andrews University nearby, who also brought then-girlfriend Kate along with him sometimes.

Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Castle. Image: Getty Images

Ever since, the pair have brought their children George, Charlotte and Louis up to the cottage for special stays. For example in 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opted to stay there to ease pressure on the castle that had lots of guests staying. They also may have chosen to utilise the property during their recent Scotland tour, where William and Kate took a trip down memory lane from when they first met at uni.

The queen at balmoral
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The cottage was gifted to Prince William from his late Grandmother The Queen Mother in 2002. It’s situated on the Balmoral estate nearby to Prince Charles and Camilla’s Birkhall property. There are 150 buildings on the 50,000 acre estate in total, meaning there’s plenty going on at all times.

The Queen is currently holidaying at her Balmoral home, as she chooses to do most summers.