The Duchess of Cornwall shares her quirky Victoria sponge recipe

When it comes to recipes from behind the doors of the royal family’s homes, we can’t get enough. Whether it’s the Queen’s former pastry chef sharing details of her favourite eats or Her Majesty’s favourite cocktail, we all love to emulate the royals and their fave recipes.

And the latest member of the family to share a special recipe with her legions of fans is the Duchess Of Cornwall, who has taken to social media with details of her favourite Victoria sponge cake.

Victoria sponge
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In celebration of the return of Poetry Together’s tea parties, Camilla shared a snap of herself holding a delicious cake, which she then generously shared the recipe for in the following slides.

‘In celebration of the return of @poetry_together tea parties this year, The Duchess has shared her recipe for a Victoria Sponge for young and old(er!) alike to enjoy after reciting a poem by heart together,’ the caption read. ‘Launched by @gylesbrandreth in 2019, the Poetry Together initiative aims to unite people of all ages through the power of poetry – and not forgetting plenty of tea and cake!’

Interestingly, the duchess’ Victoria sponge recipe features an unexpected ingredient that chocolate fans will love. While a traditional sponge is made with jam, the Duchess of Cornwall suggests using Nutella instead for a nutty twist. Alternatively, she says lemon curd could also work.

camilla duchess of Cornwall
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The Poetry Together website gives more details on the chocolatey twist, along with a further suggestion: ‘The Duchess loves poetry. And chocolate, too. You can make a chocolate version of the Poetry Together cake if you like,’ they say, before adding: ‘Simply omit the vanilla essence and add one tablespoon of cocoa powder to the basic ingredients.’

The Poetry Together initiative looks to connect local care homes with schools, with both residents and pupils respectively memorising and performing the same poem to an audience, before celebrating with a tea party afterwards. The occasions take place around National Poetry Day, which is always on the first Thursday of October (this year it’s on the 7th).