Boden has a dress version of Kate Middleton’s sell-out cardigan – and it is currently half price

When the Duchess of Cambridge is spotted in something from a high street store, we get excited.

Even on a lockdown video for frontline workers call back in 2020, people were quick to notice she was wearing a £75 cardigan from Boden – and, of course, it sold out quickly in all shades.

Kate's Boden Cardigan

Even when the brand restocked the cardigan, it was snapped up fast with many keen to emulate the royal style without a designer price tag.

Well, the good news is that Boden has brought back a new version of the Abercorn cardigan. It still has the same crew-neck, button-through shape and eye-catching trim, but it flares out at the waist into a dress.

Knitted dress, £60 (was £120), Boden

With a flattering and smart knee-length skater skirt and scallop detail running around the shoulders, at the front and back, the dress is perfect for any occasion.

One subtle update from the original cardigan to the dress is an extra scallop trim around the wrists on the full-length sleeves, which makes it stand out even more. Knitted in a supersoft blend of wool and cotton, it should keep you comfortable and cosy as we head into spring.

Sadly, the dress hasn’t been made in the blue shade loved by Kate but you can try a black, navy, red or another of the Duchess’ favourites – emerald green.

She was spotted in a different piece of knitwear in the same hue at an event at Kew Gardens in October last year (pictured below), and it feeds in perfectly with her tonal dressing style.

The Boden dress is currently on sale, with the black and navy versions reduced from £120 to £84 and the green and red versions priced at £60. It’s already a hit with Boden customers and has four out of five stars according to the reviews.

As it’s sold out in a few sizes, you better be quick to snap one up for your wardrobe.

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