Dress Up Friday is the new trend sweeping across social media

If you work in an office, you might be familiar with ‘dress down Fridays’, where employees are allowed to slack a bit on the formal workwear attire that’s expected most of the time and indulge in a spot of jeans-and-T-shirt-wearing for a relaxed end to the week. But since many of us are currently working from home and may well be for some time, joggers, jeans and even pyjamas have become the new workwear.

Which means we’re looking for a different kind of sartorial boost for our end to the working week – enter Dress Up Fridays, the new movement sweeping across Instagram and Twitter. While it’s nice (and important!) to indulge in the perks of the WFH lifestyle – including wearing loungewear and elasticated waistbands all day, and not wearing make-up or doing your hair if you so wish – it can equally do wonders for your mood and mental wellbeing to take the time to make an extra bit of effort every so often.

When most of our days are spent indoors, except for the odd pop to the shops or walk round the block for our daily outdoor exercise allowance, it can be easy not to bother with getting dressed and ready in the same way we would if going out to work or to meet up with friends. But many people are seeing the benefits of making the time and effort to get dressed up, even if no one will ever see your fabulous outfit.

The hashtag #DressUpFriday is currently trending on Twitter in the UK and there’s over 6,000 posts on Instagram with the same hashtag, as people look for ways to bring a bit of joy to their predominantly indoor days. Stylist Sam Briones shows us how to style a neckerchief for a special touch to an outfit, and another Instagrammer and her daughter brought the #DressUpFriday into their day through their outfits.


One woman absolutely nailed her dress up Friday look by donning her wedding dress to sit at her desk, while another channelled her inner Alexis Carrington while still wearing her headset for conference calls. And if you thought head to toe sequins weren’t appropriate for the weekly shop, think again.

If you’re looking for a way to perk up your Friday, donning a fabulous outfit (or even just a jeans-and-nice-top-combo) might be the perfect mood-lifting solution.