This dermatologist’s £16 cleanser could be a game changer for adults with acne

Every now and then, a product comes along which totally changes the beauty game – and early reports suggest that this new cleanser could be one of them.

Leading cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting has become a go-to source of skincare wisdom online, with a loyal base of more than 25,000 followers on her Instagram account alone.

Now, she’s launching her own line of products to help address the skin complaints she sees in her clinic on a daily basis, including sensitivity, redness and the acne that affects an estimated 40 per cent of us well past our teenage years.

Dr Sam Bunting flawless cleanser
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Her hero product, Flawless Cleanser, is ‘a truly uncomplicated, effective and elegant jelly cleanser that does exactly what a cleanser should do’ – a true reflection of Dr Sam’s pragmatic approach to beauty.

What’s more, the solution has been ‘specifically formulated to be suitable for acne-prone, grown-up skin’, so if you struggle with spots on a regular basis, it could be the holy grail product you’ve been searching for.

‘On the whole we’ve all become quite promiscuous with our skincare choices, yet we’re still not getting to the crux of what makes great skin. Get cleansing wrong from the off, and it’s hard to get skincare right,’ Dr Sam told Get the Gloss.

Dr Sam Bunting flawless cleanserFlawless cleanser, £16, Dr Sam Bunting

The Flawless Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including redness and sensitivity, and will remove make-up, sunscreen and daily dirt in just one wash. It’s also fragrance-free, without any SLS, parabens, formaldehyde or phtalates.

The chic white bottle is the first in a range of products coming from Dr Sam Bunting – coming soon are a day and evening serum, SPF and a targeted blemish treatment, amongst others.

‘Practically, good cleansing is vital, but there’s so much confusion in the market,’ she concludes. ‘Really, we all need the same kind of thing- a product that’s gentle but effective, won’t irritate skin and that removes SPF and makeup is just one cleanse’ – and in Flawless Cleanser, that’s exactly what Dr Sam has created.