A producer just confirmed that a Downton Abbey film sequel is already in the works

In September, the Downton Abbey film hits theatres across the country, with eager fans flocking to cinemas to watch the drama unfold.

In fact, the feature-length episode has been so successful that it’s already made a staggering £110 million in less than a month, and so now there’s another question on everyone’s lips: will we ever be getting a sequel?

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Well, according to producer Gareth Neame, the answer is a resounding yes. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Naeme said: ‘We’re working on what the story is, and when we might be able to make it. But it’s the same as the first time around: we have to try to get everyone back together again. And that was very challenging.’

Back in October, The Sun‘s Bizarre TV column reported that an insider had said: ‘Downton’s popularity as a film has been phenomenal. It took £60million in America alone and has been a roaring success. Julian [Fellowes, the series’ creator] and the team are over the moon with how it played out. No one expected it would be this big.

‘The commercial viability of a second film is now a dead cert, so Julian has been told to start putting pen to paper on the follow-up.’

While it’s not yet been confirmed officially, the evidence is mounting. When Fellowes was quizzed about the possibility during an appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier this year, he did say that he would ‘never say never’, giving Downton fans even more hope that another adventure could well be on the cards.

downton abbey film sequel
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‘I never say never anymore. I’m too old for that. Because the moment you say never you immediately swallow it a month later,’ he explained, sat next to star of the show Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Lady Cora Crawley.

‘And the fact is I don’t know. I think it rather depends as to how the picture is received and we will all have a think about whether we want to go there again.’

He added that returning to Highclere Castle, where the programme is set, was a ‘surreal’ experience: ‘Its extraordinary to be back in the valley of the thing again. It’s quite surreal actually when we were all back at Highclere and the cast was back in costume, it was like these four years had never been.’

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Either way, we know one Downton viewer who would likely love to see another film come out of the franchise: Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, while the cast will meet King George and Queen Mary in the new movie, our current queen reportedly loves watching the goings on at the Abbey, having spent a lot of time at Highclere in previous years.

In fact, Brian Hoey, author of At Home With The Queen, revealed that HRH even notices when details are out of place in certain scenes, and takes delight in pointing them out. We wonder if she’s seen the cinema release yet.