Could the shape of your hairbrush be the secret to healthy hair?

If you’ve spent your life dreaming of glossier locks, you’re not alone – but for all of the lotions and potions and tools and tongs you’ve invested in over the years, you’ve probably not given too much thought to your hairbrush.

Whether you blow dry with a round brush or smooth your strands with a paddle, it’s not uncommon to buy one or two brushes and stick to them for years. After all, unless they’re broken or battered, is there any point in buying a new one?

We thought no – but that was before we met Daniel Galvin Jr’s new, ‘revolutionary’ Double C brush, with an ergonomic curved design (apparently to reach your scalp and provide the kind of depth and lift that equals volume when you pull it through your mane).

‘Massaging and brushing your scalp increases blood flow, stimulating hair follicles for thicker, healthier hair,’ Daniel himself explains.
double C hairbrushThe Double C hairbrush is heat resistant, with a circular vented system that’s said to make drying a doddle, and less damaging to boot. The bristles are also dipped in Argan oil to reduce static, and the built-in Tourmaline Ionic Technology produces negative ions to close your cuticle, thus ensuring salon-ready shine in an instant.

It’s all very sciencey, and the stats seem sound, but we know you want to answer to the big question: does it actually work? Well, the short answer, for our hair type at least, seems to be yes.

Upon first impression, the brush untangled our (naturally very knotty) hair with minimal pulling, and it looks shinier and sleeker than normal. After repeated use, we also noticed that our hair looked healthier and more voluminous, with no less than three compliments from people who didn’t know we’d made the change.

It seems the mantra that healthy scalp equals healthy hair might just ring true. Plus, while we know that £30 for a hairbrush isn’t cheap, it’s satisfying to know it’s a one-off investment rather than a bottle or spray that will run out repeatedly…

The Double C hairbrush, priced £30, is available to purchase from