The important reason why people are donating their old phones to the NHS

With the coronavirus affecting all of us in myriad ways, no one is feeling the devastating effects more than the frontline staff working in NHS hospitals up and down the country.

Confined to our homes, it’s easy to feel helpless in a time like this, but people have been coming up with a multitude of wonderful ways to offer support and thanks to the amazing NHS workers, such as the Run for Heroes campaign, #ClapForOurCarers or how about the long list of brands offering freebies and discounts to NHS workers?

Thank you NHS rock
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Now, there’s another way you can provide support to those in need on the frontline. A Facebook group called the NHS Kindness Wishlist, set up by Sara Platt, puts out call outs for specific items in need by NHS staff working in hospitals all over Wales. Sara creates Amazon Wishlists with all the items needed by certain wards and NHS centres – people can then simply choose the item(s) they’d like to donate and buy them for Sara to distribute.

Deliverys for ward 1 ward 2 an ward 3 of angleton clinic xx ❤️❤️❤️ enjoy your goodies x

Posted by Sara Platt on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Sara told Woman & Home: ‘It’s just grown and grown and now we help all hospitals in Wales,’ adding, ‘It started with tea, coffee, biscuits, sweets, which went on to tablets, phones, toothpaste, hand sanitiser and tooth brushes.’

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A sad reality of coronavirus is that many people are passing away in hospitals without being able to speak to their families. Sara explained that, ‘If they can get a tablet or a mobile phone, it allows people to speak to their family before they die.

‘We had an emergency request the other day. Two nurses contacted me and they were really emotional because their patients couldn’t see their family before they die.

‘We put a post up and five tablets and five phones were sent the next day.’

Posted by Clare Davis on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

From essentials to treats (Easter eggs were collected and gifted to patients over the bank holiday weekend via the group), people are clearly eager to donate what they can to help those most in need. An outdoor bench was donated so a team could enjoy some sunshine on their breaks, and hundreds of buttons were donated to a woman making face masks for NHS workers.

To get involved, simply join the Facebook group and keep an eye out for alerts of what’s needed – it could be as simple as clicking an item on a Wishlist or donating an item you already have at home and no longer require, such as an old phone or tablet. Alternatively, if you know of a Welsh NHS ward or team in need, you can post the requirement on the group too.