Dog lookalikes: Can you spot my owner?

Is it really true that people choose dogs that look like them? We’ve put the theory to the test – scroll down to find out how many duos you’ve correctly matched.

Dog lookalikes

James & Bingley

Photo by Gerrard Gething

When I first met Bingley I knew my life would change – but I wasn’t prepared for how much he would reshape my whole outlook. As I’ve been single for the past four years, I’d forgotten how lovely it is to say ‘I love you’ out loud. Recently I’d reconciled myself to the fact that it might not happen for me – but I’ve realised I am a soppy old sod who loves to love, and Bingley has cemented that for me. The depth of affection that I feel for him is all-consuming.

Helen & Rupert

Photo by Gerrard Gething

Rupert was my husband Stevie’s dog. When I met Stevie I was a recovering cat lady! But Stevie wanted a dog and told me he’d train it. We got Rupert from Battersea and he and Stevie spent all their time together – I always felt bottom of the pecking order. A couple of years ago Stevie died suddenly. An hour after it happened, I had to get out of the house, so I took Rupert for a walk – we’d never gone out as just the two of us before. I was worried he wouldn’t come back to me when off the lead, but he did. Now our bond is amazing. He won’t leave my side for anything.

Rosalyn & Bertie

Photo by Gerrard Gething

Bertie was one of 11 puppies bred purposely for hare coursing (which is illegal) and her first owner tried to set her to work at six months old. When she got to her foster family at 18 months, she was a confused mess and skinny from stress. Now, she loves running, especially with other fast dogs, but most of the time she has to settle for me – I take her for a sedate jog most mornings before work. She is very lazy and spends most of her day asleep.

Hayley & Foxy

Photo by Gerrard Gething

I wanted to rescue a dog from abroad and saw a picture of Foxy through a charity called Paws2Rescue, who rehome abandoned dogs from Romania. She was found scavenging on a rubbish dump. Meeting her for the first time was such a beautiful experience – having this little fluffy dog put into my arms. Foxy is a kind and peaceful soul and such a comfort. She loves coming to band rehearsals with me (I’m in a group called Tygermylk) and will do anything to be close by while I’m playing guitar. I think she finds it soothing.

Maggie & Jack Sparrow

Photo by Gerrard Gething

I worked with Johnny Depp on the film The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and liked him very much. I thought, why not name my dog after him? I’d always wanted a lurcher because they’re glorious, sensitive and soppy – once you have one you won’t want any other dog. Five years ago Jack got very ill and I was so worried he would die – I had to keep working because it was so expensive to care for him. But he knew I was looking after him. He’s my best friend.

Skye & Barley

Photo by Gerrard Gething

Barley and I enjoy the same things – long walks, going to the pub, watching rubbish TVTV on the sofa and spooning each other to sleep, especially when my husband’s away. I don’t have children yet and I think Barley might be the reason why – but I know he’ll be a good big brother when the time comes. He’s my furry baby. He loves swimming underwater. He was in a pond at our wedding reception and a guest told me, ‘Your dog’s drowning! He can’t get out of the pond!’ – but that’s just Barley.

Desiree & Stella

Photo by Gerrard Gething

I got Stella after I broke up with my boyfriend. It was on the spur of the moment – I’d told him I was thinking about getting a dog, which he said was a ‘terrible idea’, so I went and got her straight away. A few months later we got back together, but now he loves her too. Stella and I used to do agility and obedience training which helped our connection. Whenever I messed up she’d get frustrated and bark at me. She’s quite vocal – if I’m just staring at my phone, she’ll tell me off.

Barry & Bubbles

Photo by Gerrard Gething

Getting a dog helped me transition from a restaurateur’s unhealthy lifestyle to my life now, which is working with high-energy dogs. I’m quite similar to Bubbles: we’re gentle giants with big hearts and all about family. Bubbles is part of my business. He comes on runs and keeps the other dogs in check – if they aren’t coming back he’ll go and get them. I’ll sometimes find him with my two daughters and their bunnies, all chomping on carrots.

Kim & Coco

Photo by Gerrard Gething

Coco is quite timid and will wrap himself around your legs if he’s frightened. We got him after his 84-year-old owner had tripped over him and broken her hip, and there was no one to look after him. I share him with two others and it works: he loves being around humans (and going to sleep at your feet) and is a perfect fit in our lives. I’m a craniosacral therapist and he comes along to my sessions – he’ll lie under the couch and guard the door. He’s ‘someone’ to so many people.

Interviews by Miranda Thompson