Divorce Day: What it means and why it’s happening today

There are plenty of notable days that crop up throughout any given year, and while ‘Blue Monday’ will soon be upon us, there’s a more pressing occasion: ‘Divorce Day,’ which happens to be today.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, the first Monday following 1 January (which in this case is today, Monday 6 January) has been dubbed Divorce Day by lawyers, who see a huge spike in couples filing to split.

Divorce Day
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The unfortunate phenomenon falls near the beginning of the year, presumably due to the fact so many see this time as a perfect opportunity to have a new start. Amanada Rimmer, a family law expert and partner at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, told the Manchester Evening News:

‘Today, known as Divorce Day, is traditionally the date when divorce enquiries flood in, as married couples decide on a fresh start in the New Year, after spending time together over Christmas or having waited till the festivities have finished.’

She then continued:

‘Clients have cited anything from hogging the duvet to racking up store card debt in the sales as a contributing behaviour to their marriage breakdown. Before making this very final step it’s important to remember the best outcome for both individuals will only be achieved through agreeing a mutually beneficial plan before filing for divorce if possible.’


Lawyers aren’t the only ones to notice the trend, either. Relationship support organisation Relate saw significantly more traffic in the new year. In fact in the first three working days of 2019, Relate received 84 per cent more visits to its website in comparison to the year before.

And that’s not all. Google Trends data from last year also proves the case; between 6 and 12 January 2019, Google saw that interest for the search term ‘divorce’ rose by 51.6 per cent. Let’s hope January flies by as quickly as possible!