Dick Strawbridge discusses Escape to the Chateau spin-off with eldest son

The nation has fallen in love with Dick and Angel Strawbridge. Their Channel 4 programme Escape to the Chateau is a major hit and has inspired us to get crafting in our own homes. Earlier in March, the couple announced they’re embarking on another Dare To Do It Tour. But now Dick has revealed even more exciting news about the show.

Dick and his eldest son James, a 37-year-old chef, appeared on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast show earlier this week. On it, they were discussing their new book, Practical Self Sufficiency: The Complete Guide To Sustainable Living. It was then that James revealed he’d been spending time with his dad at the chateau and teased he could even be making an appearance on our screens.

The pair were asked about the potential of a spin-off show, which would be focussed around the key elements of their new book.

James said: ‘I went over and did some filming with my dad and Angel and did some cooking on Escape to the Chateau and it was great fun.’

The chef explained there would be elements of the book in the new episodes: ‘I think the self-sufficiency side of things that is what we do in our private lives and we do it. There will be more about sustainability on his show.’

Dick added: ‘It’s normal, the thing is it’s not a specific show because what you have to do is just do things as your normal life, just do it.’

So it looks like the dad and son duo won’t be getting their own show. But, we might still get to see them in action together on Escape to the Chateau.

Reflecting on the contents of the book that help people with efforts to live more sustainably, James said: ‘He lives in a castle and I live in a terraced house… So there is something for everyone, wherever you live you can have a go.’

Dick and Angel Strawbridge
Andrew Montgomery

Finally, Dick was asked the question we all want to know the answer to – where did he learn to do all of his handy work and craftsmanship? Chris Evans asked if Dick’s dad was good at it, or whether he was self-taught, to which Dick replied: ‘Necessities. You just do it.’

If you’ve been needing some motivation to fix up your home, we hope that helps!