A new dementia tracking device is set to be launched by the NHS

Watching a loved one suffering with dementia can be incredibly tough for even the strongest among us.

As well as the heartbreak that comes along with witnessing their condition progress, carers and family members of those battling the disease are left worrying for their day-to-day safety, as patients become less able to look after themselves.

However, a new tech product has just been launched that might just ease some of those fears.

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One of the main concerns amongst carers and loved ones of those with dementia is their tendency to wander off alone, without knowing where they’re going or informing anyone of their whereabouts.

Now, thanks to the NHS, dementia patients may soon be given slippers with a GPS tracker fitted into them to ensure that those who care for them always know their location at all times.

The slippers will have a GPS tracker fitted into the sole of the shoe, which means it can also be removed and inserted into other shoes if needed. The idea is that an alert gets sent to the phone of a registered carer every time the patient sets up of their pre-determined ‘safe zone’. This could be their home, or any other locations set by their carers.

The product will be trialled in Dorset and if successful, be available to the public for purchase.

Professor Tony Young, from NHS England  said to The Sun: ‘GPS smart slippers help keep patients with dementia safe and give families peace of mind.’ Meanwhile Sally Copley, from the Alzheimer’s Society, told Woman & Home: ‘When used appropriately, the use of GPS tracking for people with dementia can provide reassurance and even save lives.’

Each pair of the revolutionary slippers will be priced at £75, with an additional cost of £25 per month to in order to keep the GPS tracker activated. However, for peace of mind and the safety they offer, many families will find this a worthy investment.