The one piece of gym equipment Davina McCall swears by costs just £9.95

Lockdown 3.0: gyms are shut and the at-home workouts must resume once more. While bodyweight workouts are a perfectly good way to tone up and build muscle, whether you’re a home workout convert or are pining for the gym you’ll know that to make your workouts extra effective, a few pieces of equipment might be needed.

But before you go splashing out on a multi-functioning home weights rack (or just £279 if you opt for the Aldi version), queen of fitness Davina McCall has a much cheaper (and far easier to store) solution to adding a bit of resistance to your living room workouts.

Davina McCall

Speaking to Women’s Health, Davina confessed that her go-to piece of home workout equipment is extremely budget-friendly.

‘If I could only workout with one piece of kit for the rest of my life, weighted gloves would be it,’ Davina said. ‘I use them for walks, for all my exercise – even if I’m using dumbbells, I’ll still wear them. They’re just half a kg, but you’ll feel it. They’re the single greatest piece of kit I’ve ever used.’

Proving just how easy they are to incorporate into a home exercise routine (and how much she really does use them), Davina recently posted a video to Instagram, in which you can see she is wearing her weighted exercise gloves, true to form.

Half a kilo might not sound like much, but wearing them while walking or working out adds that little bit of extra resistance that will make your muscles work that bit harder, resulting in massive gains for you – hello toned arms! Fancy giving Davina’s workout trick a go? Here are 3 pairs of weighted exercise gloves, starting from just £9.95.

Davina McCall weighted gloves

Davina McCall Weighted Gloves , £11.99, Very

Komodo weighted gloves

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves, £9.95, Mirafit

Mirafit weighted gloves

Komodo Weighted Gloves, £18.97, Amazon