Davina McCall has defended her home hair-dying habits in the best way

Davina McCall shares all sorts of slices of life with her 994k Instagram followers – but they don’t usually spark quite as much conversation as her most recent post.

The TV presenter, who is an ambassador for home dye Garnier, shared a candid snap of herself giving her hair a DIY touch-up at home, explaining how she does this every three weeks to keep it in tip-top condition.

But to her surprise, some commenters took offence to the image, suggesting that she was taking business away from the professionals.

Davina, 51, wasn’t going to take the backlash lying down, and so recorded a video of herself hitting back at the remarks to address the issue.

‘I seem to have annoyed a lot of hairdressers [who are] saying I’m putting hairdressers out of business by doing it at home every three weeks,’ she said in the clip.

‘But I tell you what, I single-handedly am keeping the hairdressing industry alive with my two daughters who seem to spend their entire lives at the hairdressers, and my son who goes to the barbers.

‘I’m not going to feel bad about colouring my hair at home because I can’t be bothered to go to the hairdressers every three weeks. That’s a lot.’

The star went on to defend herself against other critical comments she’d received in the past about her healthy lifestyle, adding: ‘And, I’m going to post pictures of chicken because yes, I eat chicken. And, I’m going to post pictures of myself in bikinis because I look fierce in a bikini and I don’t care what you think, ever. In fact, the more you don’t like it, the more I’m going to do it.’

Davina’s fierce of her choices was won her plenty of applause, with one poster writing: ‘Love it. Who the hell has the time or money to get their hair dyed at the hairdressers every 3 weeks. If I had your figure I’d wear a bikini all the time.’

‘Totally love the fighting talk – a girl after my own heart’ another agreed. ‘Well said!!’