This new skincare campaign is spotlighting the best under-the-radar brands to try

These days, there are so many beauty brands around, it can be hard to keep up. And in particular, the world of skincare seems to be inundated with new contenders. So how exactly do you know what’s worth a try? Well, a new campaign is here to help.

Cult Beauty’s new Skindie campaign aims to shine a spotlight on lesser-known skincare brands which are worth their weight in gold, but haven’t had a great deal of exposure. Cult Beauty defines Skindie as the following: ‘under-the-radar and achingly cool, these are the independent skin care brands defying the norm and winning the hearts of true beauty groupies.’

cult beauty Skindie
Cult Beauty

The campaign aims to celebrate the rise of independent skincare, from the quirky to the kitsch and chic. Each brand featured is niche, and offers something completely unique, meaning they deserve to be shouted about.

The retailer has unveiled this new campaign to meet the more specific and niche demands of their customer, which continue to grow: ‘Increased exposure to blue light, pollution and stress means that customers aren’t just looking for the historical ‘anti-ageing’ sticker and at Cult Beauty,’ explains Assistant Buyer Bessie Hitcham. We seek to give our customer more than this anyway – we want them to feel their best irrespective of the ‘tick boxes’ they might be expected to fill out elsewhere.’

‘Whether you’re intimidated by the beauty landscape and have previously felt excluded, or whether you spend your lunch hour/commute poring over literature to find the next big ingredient, The Skindie brands are beckoning,’ she added.

cult beauty Skindie

Volition Strawberry-C Brightening Serum, £36, Cult Beauty

The main brands the campaign is currently focusing on includes Volition, a brand which caters to specific skincare needs, and features modern ingredients of the moment, such as snow mushroom and turmeric. Then there’s Versed, which is a vegan brand, along with Plenaire: a playful and Instagram-friendly option.

cult beauty Skindie

Jordan Samuel The Performance Cream, £34, Cult Beauty

To round up the edit, Cult Beauty are also promoting Jordan Samuel and Biossance, which is vegan and cruelty-free.

You can shop all Skindie brands at Cult Beauty.