These Victoria Beckham-approved water bottles are set to be the next wellness trend

With our ever-growing awareness of the impact single-use plastic is having on the environment, reusable water bottles have become the accessory of the moment.

But according to Victoria Beckham’s latest Instagram story, having any old bottle might not be enough – instead, you should be looking for a crystal water bottle, which carries certain additional energies that are said to aid wellness and vitality.

Victoria Beckham
Getty Images

The star shared images of her Ayurvedic water bottle from Life Rocks, an online store that stocks a range of copper bottles with ‘vibrational crystal pods’, which look rather like tea infusers, and are filled with stones for different purposes, such as energy and clarity or focus and concentration.

According to founder Amiee Carlton, the product holds all the Ayurvedic benefits of ingesting copper, while the crystals ‘entrain your system to a healthier and higher frequency’.

Victoria Beckham crystal water bottles
Instagram/Victoria Beckham/IDS

‘To get the best from your bottle fill it with filtered water at night and allow your pod to have 6-10 hours to entrain the water,’ she explains. ‘On waking your bottle and pod can be sipped from all day while you gain the benefits of your wonderful elixir.

‘Do allow 5-7 to feel the benefits of your elixir. Your body and stones need time to vibrate together. Its physics, Not magic.’

Copper Bottle With Vibrational Crystal Pods – EMF Shield, £45, Life Rocks

It is, of course, up to you to assess whether or not you’re convinced, but VB certainly seems to be – and at £45 for a bottle you can reuse infinitely, it’s not the wildest (or most expensive) wellness trend we’ve ever come across.

And even if you’re unsure about the benefits of crystals from a health perspective, there’s no denying that crystal water bottles are also pretty Instagram-friendly. Here are the other styles we predict will be taking social media by storm before the year is out:

For attracting love

Glacce Rose Quartz Bottle, £70, Net-A-Porter

For abundance

Citrine Glass, £34.95, BeWater

For strength and power

Crystal Infused Elixir Glass Water Bottle, £40, Nikita by Nikki

For general wellness

 VitaJuwel ViA Wellness, £63, Amazon

For protection and cleansing

Glass Crystal Water Bottle Black Obsidian, £30, The Psychic Tree