How to wear crystal jewellery, from rose quartz to citrine

Crystals have certainly taken their place in the cultural hall of fame in the past few years, with self-care and holistic health trends more popular than ever. They are the go-to healing therapy for A-list celebrities including Adele and Miranda Kerr, and more spas than ever before now offer crystal treatments. So what’s all the fuss about?

‘Whether you need a confidence boost before a presentation or to mend a broken heart, there’s a crystal to support and heal you,’ claims Emma Lucy Knowles, author of The Power of Crystal Healing.

Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery rings
Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

And the good news is that you no longer need to keep your crystals stashed away at home. Crystal jewellery is the hottest accessory right now, and a number of brands are utilising their supposed healing and aesthetic powers to create stunning pieces to adorn your neck, wrist, ears or fingers. Wearing a crystal is said to utilise its power in a particularly effective way.

From super affordable buys on Etsy to pieces by some of our favourite mid-range jewellery brands like Otiumberg and Missoma, there are plenty of options for all budgets and for tastes. Here are a few of our favourite pieces of crystal jewellery to shop now.

For love: Rose quartz

rose quartz
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Unsurprisingly, rose quartz is the crystal of love. If you’re struggling with your love life, and are hoping to meet someone or connect deeper than you have been able to, rose quartz is said to be the stone to reach for, promoting compassion, warmth, and tenderness. Wearing a rose quartz necklace near your heart is a great option.

Brooklyn Gold Vermeil & Rose Quartz Necklace, £65, Auree


Rose Quartz Small Siren Stacking Ring, £65, Monica Vinader

Rose Quartz Mini Shield Necklace, £85, Missoma

Christa Silver & Rose Quartz Ring, £48, John Greed

14k Rose Gold Vermeil Simple Earrings In Rose Quartz, £70, Carrie Elizabeth

For stress: Amethyst

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Amethyst is believed to have a calming energy that many other crystals do not possess, meaning it is perfect for the stressed-out among us. Having a piece of jewellery close to us throughout the day may help you to feel calmer and more centred.


Amethyst Charm Necklace, £95, Edge of Ember

Theodore Ware Heart quartz, amethyst & gold-plated necklace, £420, Matches


Crown Chakra Ring in Sterling Silver & Amethyst, £75, Zoe & Morgan

18 Karat Gold Studs, £105, Stellar 79


For new beginnings: Moonstone

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According to crystal experts, moonstone is great for those at a crossroads in their lives, as it is the crystal of new beginnings. It represents growth and strength, and boosts intuition. Moonstone has become a popular choice in jewellery for engagement rings, as it signifies taking a new step.

Moonstone Charm Pendant, £50, Edge Of Ember

Rainbow Moonstone Gold Lena Charm Bracelet, £79, Missoma

Odion Teardrop Moonstone Open Gold Plated Ring, £22, Oliver Bonas

The Versailles 18 Ct Gold Moon Stone Necklace, £59, Osprey

14k Gold Vermeil Irregular Stone Scatter Ring In Moonstone & White Topaz, £80.00, Carrie Elizabeth

For strength: Tiger’s eye

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Tiger’s eye is known to be a fairly fierce stone, as its name suggests. It’s said that it promotes inner confidence, self-discipline, and strength, making it perfect for difficult situations such as break-ups. Wear a tiger’s eye bracelet for a kick of confidence whenever you need one.

Tigers Eye Beaded Skinny Kula Bracelet, £50, Astley Clarke

Tigers Eye 4mm Sterling Silver Bracelet, £30, Baxter + Baxter

Eye of Poseidon Ring Gold & Tigers Eye, £290, Wolf & Badger

For wellness: Turquoise

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If wellness is one of your top concerns right now, picking up a piece of turquoise jewellery may help to promote healthy habits and self-care. Turquoise energy is believed to be all about healing and renewing.

Turquoise Bamboo Ring 9-karat solid yellow gold, £100, Otiumberg

Fiji Bud Gemstone Pendant Charm in Turquoise, £55, Monica Vinader 

Turquoise Huggie Hoop, £16.95, Seol & Gold

For protection: Black Tourmaline

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If you’re one who feels other people’s emotions and takes on their moods easily, those in the know say that a piece of black tourmaline could help you immeasurably. The crystal apparently helps to protect you from bad energy, and to promote positive vibes instead.

Black Tourmaline Rose Gold Earrings, £8, Etsy

Raw Black Tourmaline ring, 14k gold filled or Sterling Silver, £16.13, Etsy

For happiness: Citrine

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Having a tough time and just need a boost of happiness? Try a piece of citrine crystal jewellery, which is thought to emit joy and pure happy energy. Believers in crystals say citrine is said to shine a light on even the darkest of times, no matter where you are in your life.

Citrine Bracelet, £52, Abiza

Citrine Cocktail Ring, £85, Lily Blanche


Citrine Bamboo Ring, £99, Otiumberg