These are the most used pet names by UK couples and babe, we’re cringing

What do you call your partner? Is it a doting ‘darling’, or perhaps the more common ‘babe’? Maybe you’ve got an altogether special and unique pet name for them instead. Even the most cold-hearted lovers out there can be caught slipping into cute speak mode occasionally. Besides, constantly using someone’s first name can feel a bit official, right?

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, card company has conducted research to find almost half of British couples use pet names for their partner. Whether they’re cute or cringey is for you to decide.

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The survey found that the most popular pet name among UK couples is ‘love’, with 29 per cent of respondents saying they use it. A quarter of people said they referred to their partner as ‘babe’, and ‘honey’ came in at 17.8 per cent.

If you feel like you don’t know anyone who uses pet names and ‘soppy’ words like that, it might be because 76 per cent of respondents said they use their partner’s real name whenever they’re in public. A third of people revealed they would be embarrassed if anyone else heard what their special sweet name was.

Check out which other pet names made the list below – and try not to cringe at number six…

The most common pet names for UK couples

  1. Love (29 per cent)
  2. Babe (25 per cent)
  3. Honey (17.8 per cent)
  4. Sweetie (15.3 per cent)
  5. Handsome (9.4 per cent)
  6. Honey Bun (7.7 per cent)
  7. Sweetpie (7.6 per cent)
  8. Boo (5.3 per cent)
  9. Baby Boy/Baby Girl (4.8 per cent)
  10. Princess (4.7 per cent)
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Regardless of the couples’ gender, it turns out men are more often soppier than women, as 53 per cent of them call their partners by their pet name, in comparison to 43 per cent of women.

As long as you’re both happy, ‘babe’, ‘honey bun’ and ‘boo’ each other to your heart’s content!

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