This is why your card may have been charged twice recently

Have you checked your bank account recently? If you haven’t, then now is the time to do it – especially if you used your debit card on Wednesday 29 August because there is a possibility you may have been charged twice for your transactions.

Cardnet, a payment card processor part-owned by Lloyds Bank and First Data, announced on 1 September that they had faced a technical glitch which resulted in double transactions being made on the 29 August. This meant that those affected were only shown one transaction on their receipts, but were actually charged twice.

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It sounds bad, but don’t panic – according to Lloyds Bank, only 5% of Cardnet machine transactions were affected, so chances are it may not have been an issue for you.

The first thing to do is check your bank statement as this will state whether you have been charged more than once. If you have, fear not: refunds have been issued automatically so you should have either already been paid back or expect a payment any time now. You can, of course, contact your bank if you have any issues.

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In an official statement addressing the technical glitch, a Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson said: ”A small number of transactions processed last week by Cardnet were duplicated… In some cases, this will have been an overpayment of expected settled funds, in others an underpayment.

‘In addition, and importantly, cardholders (customers) of Cardnet’s impacted merchants may also have been debited twice for transactions made on Wednesday… All customers have now been automatically refunded, however customers can check their statements and get in touch with their banks if required.’

The company also issued an apology within the statement, saying: ‘Cardnet sincerely apologises for the issue and the inconvenience caused, we continue to work closely with all parties to resolve this issue swiftly.’

Ah technology – can’t live with it yet can’t live without it.