Costa has launched a KitKat hot chocolate

As far as simple pleasures in life go, settling down with a cup of tea and a four-finger KitKat is right up there as one of our favourite activities. We’re also very partial to a KitKat Chunky – truly a champion among chocolate bars – and can even get on board with all the weird and wonderful flavour variations that pop up now and again. So we’re pretty excited to discover that Costa Coffee is teaming up with KitKat to launch a new selection of products, including a KitKat hot chocolate.

costa kitkat

Added to Costa’s spring menu, the new KitKat Hot Chocolate made with Costa Coffee’s signature Hot Chocolate powder, which has been combined with a rich, creamy milk sauce to mirror the taste of a KitKat.  It is finished with a light dairy swirl and crunchy KitKat pieces. Most excitingly of all, the hot chocolate finished off with a KitKat Bunny on the side – be still our beating hearts.

If it ever gets warm enough for anyone to contemplate drinking an iced drink again, then you can also partake of a KitKat Iced Chocolate – basically the same drill as the above, but this time cold.

costa kitkat

And, if that’s not enough KitKat-y goodness for you, then there’s also a chocolate muffin with a gooey centre, finished with frosting and of course, a KitKat Bunny. On top of this, Costa has introduced a Caramel Millionaire shortbread made with KitKat – great for sharing, each pack has two tasty fingers made up with a base of KitKat wafer pieces, topped with rich caramel and finished with a layer of milk chocolate.

Cathy Port, Head of Product UK&I at Costa Coffee, said: ‘With Spring well and truly on its way, we have gone all out for our chocolate-loving customers.’ 

These new goodies are available to buy now across Costa Coffee stores – but be quick the range is only available for a short time!