Costa just revealed its Christmas drinks menu, including a Quality Street Purple One Latte

Hot on the heels of announcing their festive food menu for 2020 – which includes such delectable delights as pigs in blankets mac and cheese and an After Eight muffin – we now have official word on what the limited edition Christmas drinks menu will look like at Costa this year.

Costa Coffee Christmas drinks
Costa Coffee

Costa are calling it their ‘best ever limited edition Christmas drinks menu yet’ – and we’re finding it hard to disagree. Three brand new drinks will be gracing the menu at the nation’s favourite coffee shop this winter, and all are inspired by iconic festive chocolates we all know and love.

First up is the Quality Street Purple One Latte. Deemed the best Quality Street chocolate in the tin by many, Costa has reimagined the classic purple-wrapped choccie as a latte: with a roasted hazelnut syrup, it’s topped with a light dairy swirl and drizzled with a moreish caramel chocolate sauce inspired by its namesake.

Quality Street Purple One latte
Costa Coffee

Next is the After Eight Hot Chocolate, which sees Costa Coffee’s signature hot chocolate spiked with a splash of cool peppermint syrup and finished with a light creamy topping and a dusting of chocolate powder. For double the minty chocolate-ness, enjoy with the new for 2020 After Eight muffin.

After Eight hot chocolate
Costa Coffee

And last, (but certainly not least for those partial to orange chocolate), the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate. Following the success of last year’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin, 2020 sees the introduction of Costa’s signature hot chocolate flavoured with a specially created zesty orange syrup, all finished with a light dairy swirl and a festive glittery sprinkle.

Terry's Chocolate Orange hot chocolate
Costa Coffee

And we left the best news until last – each of these drinks comes complete with a serving of its namesake chocolate (so the Quality Street Purple One Latte comes with an actual Quality Street Purple One; the After Eight Hot Chocolate is served with an individual After Eight; the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate comes with a segment of the iconic chocolate orange), meaning double the chocolatey fun this Crimbo.

The new trio of drinks will join returning favourites, including the Irish Velvet Frostino, Black Forest Chocolate Frostino and Hot Spiced Apple, and all will be available to order from 3 November. Race you to the nearest Costa?