Cos is launching a resell service that lets you shop preloved pieces

As a nation, we produce a lot of waste. In fact, in the UK, more than two tonnes of clothing is bought every single minute. Even more shockingly, 11 million garments end up in landfill each week, meaning our addiction to fast fashion really is a dangerous one. 

But in recent years, lots of brands and retailers have become far more eco-conscious by creating re-sell platforms that encourage us to re-use our clothing rather than buying new all the time. The latest to take this step is Cos, who have launched Cos Resell: a project that will let shoppers sell and buy second hand Cos clothing. 

The platform is actually free to list, meaning no hidden sign up fees, and it’s fairly simple to get involved. To list an item, all you have to do is enter your item details, upload photos, set your price and put the product live.

The buying section of the website is not currently live, but you can sign up to be notified when it is available, meaning you’ll get first pick of all the second hand goodies. If you have Cos bits you want to sell, you can already start listing them in preparation. 

The initiative comes in time for Second-Hand September, which was started by Oxfam. The project aims to encourage shoppers to stick to buying second hand for the month of September, rather than purchasing new pieces. 

These days, this is made relatively easy through re-sell sites and apps such as Depop, Cudoni, and Vestiere Collective. Classics like eBay are also still great for buying pieces second hand. 

It’s worth looking at what specific brands are doing in order to become more sustainable in this way also. Designer Hill & Friends is a great example; the brand has set up Loveworn, a service that allows shoppers to buy second hand Hill & Friends designs for a fraction of their original price. 

Other sites such as Kitri are focusing their efforts on ‘pre-order’ systems, in which they only produce as much as they sell, meaning less wastage on the whole. 

You can access the Cos Resell site online now.