Could ‘contrast showers’ be the key to toned legs this summer?

Summer has come a little earlier than expected this year, and while we’re not complaining about the warmer weather and sunshine, it does mean less time to prep ourselves for the season ahead – with one of our main concerns being our legs.

However, we’re now preparing to put our worries behind us, as a new genius trick for healthier, smoother and more toned legs has been revealed, and it’s one that we can try from the comfort of our own home.

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According to skin tightening and cellulite expert, director of LipoTherapeia Georgios Tzenichristos, ‘contrast showers’ can help to smooth skin and make your legs appear healthier and more toned.

Georgios, who recently published a collection of 63 tips for how to achieve healthier and tighter legs, writes that the showers, which are a method of switching between hot and cold water, produces a profound increase in circulation and metabolism, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite.

‘The alternation of hot and cold water constricts and dilates blood vessels, respectively, producing a powerful blood vessel pumping effect,’ he explains. The skin then also reacts in the same way, while the overall effect of the cold water boosts your metabolism via a process called thermogenesis. Plus, the hot water provides welcome distraction between the cold water periods.

So how does one actually begin to take contrast showers? ‘Start with hot water for a few minutes and then alternate with hot and cold every 1-2 minutes, ending with five minutes of luke-warm water,’ he advises. (Note: you should check your tolerance to hot and cold water with your GP first if you’re concerned).

In addition to taking contrast showers ahead of the summer season, he also suggests taking part in cardio exercises such as hiking or running, fueling up on the protein and even treating yourself to regular massages – as long as they’re strong, and applied on skin rather than muscles.

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