Come Dine With Me is getting a spin-off with professional chefs

There are certain shows that seem to always be on the TV, whatever time of day it is. Perhaps it’s because they’re so infinitely watchable, or maybe it’s because they don’t require much brain power to enjoy. The likes of Four in a Bed, Escape to the Country and Come Dine With Me come to mind.

Well, fans of Come Dine With Me will be pleased to know Channel 4 has recently announced a spin-off show for the cooking competition. If you’re not already an avid viewer, the series usually features four or five home cooks, who each cook a three-course meal in their own homes. The other contestants dine at their house and judge their dinner party out of 10. The person with the highest score wins £1,000.

The long-running show has had alternative versions before, including a Couples Come Dine With Me and Celebrity Come Dine With Me, but the format is now being adapted to star professional chefs and restaurateurs. They will cook up a meal in their professional kitchens and the food will be served in their restaurants during a normal dinner service. The winner will then be named the best independent restaurant in their town or city, as well as receiving a cash prize.

The teams will be made up of two people, most likely to be the head chef and maître d’, and are scored out of 20. Just like the regular series, marks will be given for food, atmosphere and service. And don’t worry, the show’s brilliantly sarcastic narrator Dave Lamb will still do the voice over.

There’s been no word as of yet which professionals will be competing, but if the battle consists of local and independent restaurants, we doubt we’ll be seeing Gordon Ramsay fight it out with Jamie Oliver unfortunately.

Tim Carter, the show’s producer, told the Sun: ‘For 15 glorious years, we’ve been celebrating the culinary creations and epic fails that pour forth from the nation’s home kitchens.

‘Now, as they recover from the battering of the last couple of years, Come Dine With Me cheers on Britain’s restaurants with its customary love note to gastronomic endeavour.’

Come Dine With Me is the source of some of the internet’s most iconic memes, like Kevin, who tried to fit an entire whisk inside his mouth. But most notably, it has to be Peter’s speech including the infamous line, ‘What a sad little life, Jane,’ after she won.

We can’t wait to see what memorable moments the new show will produce!