How to wear the colourful new French manicure of 2020

Like with anything, nostalgic beauty trends all seem to come back around in one form or another. This certainly can be said for French tip manicures, which have had a revival as of late.

The original style was most adored in the ’90s, and featured clear nails with thin white tips. It was – and still is – a divisive design, with many adoring the look and believing it was classy, while others couldn’t stand it.

The good news is that there’s a new way to wear the French tip manicure, which is particularly handy (no pun intended) for those who were never fans of the original. The modern French mani incorporates a pop of colour, rather than plain white, making it fun, youthful, and eye-catching.

coloured French manicure
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Not only has the style been spotted all over Instagram, it seems to be a firm favourite at nail salons, where customers are requesting the colourful style.

And there’s not just one way to wear this one; instead, there are many, totally depending on your taste and the nail artist’s strengths. You could opt for the new classic: which simply consists of a normal French manicure with coloured tips. That means a clear nail bed with a fine pop of colour at the end.

If you want to make things more interesting, there are plenty of ways to do this to give the look even more of a current feel. For example, you could play with the shape of your nail, and try the look on round, almond shaped nails, square tips, or pointed one. You can also change up the thickness of the tips to suit your preference.

Then there’s colours and designs; whether it’s pastels or neons, cool nail art or glitter, there are a seemingly endless amount of ways to personalise this look to you.

Need some ideas? Here are our top five favourites.

Coloured French manicure ideas and inspiration

Thick tips:




The classic coloured: