This J-Lo-approved root cover up sells once every minute

As it stands during our current health crisis, we are not permitted to leave the house for anything other than essentials. This of course means forgoing standing beauty appointments we may have become used to attending, such as nails and hair. Now of course, keeping our hair looking tip top is not a priority now, and is a trivial concern when compared to the world’s problems. However, maintaining your hair and nails can really help you to keep some sense of normality in your life, and a bit of self-care never hurt anyone!

Jennifer Lopez
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Saying that, if you have your hair coloured, you may particularly be missing your regular (and rather essential) root top-ups. While having your colour done in-salon is often preferable, there are plenty of options for keeping things looking great from home, be it at-home hair dyes or root refreshers. 

Take, for example, the Colour WOW Root Cover Up, which stars such as Jennifer Lopez are massive fans of. The product — which sells once every 60 seconds according to the brand — ‘seamlessly covers grey roots and dark regrowth without the use of peroxide.’ It comes in eight shades for all hair colours, and is designed to be used as a top up in-between salon visits. 

The colour is temporary, meaning it lasts until it is shampooed out, but can be applied as regularly as is needed. As well as covering discoloured roots, it fills in the gaps around the hairline, and can also be used on brows. The compact comes with a little brush applicator, and lasts an impressive 6-12 months, so you really get your money’s worth. Colour WOW Root Cover Up

Colour WOW Root Cover Up, £28.50

As mentioned, one celeb who loves the product is J-Lo, whose hairdresser Chris Appleton uses on his client. He recently shared an Instagram post of him applying the powder to Lopez’s hair, alongside the caption: ‘Always covered with one of my favorites @colorwowhair Root touch up. I use it to blend extensions, make hairlines fuller and even create highlights.’ 

If it’s good enough for J-Lo…