You can now drink your way to youthful skin with Collagin’s pink ‘anti-ageing’ gin

Ever dreamt of a world where sipping on gin and tonics on a summer’s day would somehow be all you need to combat wrinkles and maintain your youthful looking skin? Yep, us too.

Now, you can get ready to turn those dreams into reality, as clever alcohol brand, Collagin, has launched a brand new collagen-infused pink gin with anti-ageing benefits.


Created by UK drinks company Young In Spirit, Collagin is a 40 per cent proof spirit that contains 100mg of pure collagen. It has been described as ‘the alcoholic equivalent of a facial’ thanks to the many health benefits found in its key ingredient, including promoting skin elasticity and reducing cellulite.

Now, we’re not saying that we’re planning to ditch the face masks and moisturisers just yet – but it’s nice to know that Collagin could be doing less harm and more good to our bodies than the other alcoholic beverages out there. Plus, it’s pink, and who doesn’t love a pink drink? We’re already envisaging pouring out the perfect gin and tonic


‘We are on a mission to beautify the world of spirits and create a gin that could sit on a back bar but also a beauty counter, says Camilla Brown, co-founder of Collagin.

‘The Original Collagin has gone down a storm, so when people were begging us for a pink gin we decided to give them what they wanted. With the addition of the rose, she still stays subtle and smooth but will appeal to gin lovers with a sweeter tooth. She also looks stunning with her matching pink hue to the bottle.’

With only 800 bottles created, the new limited edition Collagin Rose is priced at £36.99 is now available in 50cl at NotOnTheHighStreet. So get your hands on a bottle of your own before it’s too late.