The biggest cause of arguments between couples who cohabit may surprise you

New research has revealed the most common causes of arguments between couples who have moved in together, with ‘issues of cleanliness’ topping the list.

The study, which was undertaken by Thomas Sanderson, asked 2,423 Britons over the age of 18 to reveal what they argued about most with previous partners they had lived with. Every person questioned had lived with their partner for at least six months, and had suffered a break down in their relationship.

They were also asked to reveal how long they had lived with their partner for before the relationship failed. The most common time period was ‘six months to one year’ (39%), followed by ‘less than six months’ (28%) and ‘one to two years’ (22%).

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At the very top of the list of what couples fought over was ‘issues of cleanliness,’ with 21% saying this was the main cause of contention in their homes. These issues included being annoyed at laundry being left everywhere, and frustration at partners not cleaning up after themselves.

Next up was arguing over home improvement projects or interior design, with 19% of respondents saying this caused most arguments. In third place was ‘money problems’ (14%), and in fourth was ‘annoying habits’ (12%).

Interestingly, the fifth most common issue which couples who live together argue about is the discovery that one member is cheating. 9% of couples said this is what they fought about most.

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Richard Petrie, Marketing Director of Thomas Sanderson, said of the study:

‘Moving in with a partner is a massive step to take, and in some cases can be a make or break situation. Things that you may not have noticed before can get under your skin, and stressful situations such as decorating can become amplified.’

Another study by recently revealed that the majority of people believe between 6 months – 1 year is the ideal time period to move in together, with 1-2 years coming in second.