The ‘Coastal Grandma’ interiors trend is taking TikTok by storm

Who ever thought that decorating our homes in the style favoured by our grandparents would become the next big thing? Well, it has.

But forget geometric wallpaper and shag carpets, the Coastal Grandma interiors trend that  is all based around neutral shades and natural materials.

We already know that straw and wicker bags are on-trend for accessories this season, well so are wicker, rattan, and natural wood when it comes to homeware.

A term first coined by US-based influencer Lex Nicoleta, who shares TikTok clips showing of the ‘coastal grandmother aesthetic’ the trend has now had 2.6 million views on the platform, and global Google searches for Coastal Grandma have soared by 334% in the past week alone!

The CG vibe is encompassed by using neutrals, off-white tones, and natural and light materials such as linen and rattan. With a lived-in feel, rooms are adorned with artisan accessories, sofas covered in plumped-up cushions, and are cosily lit. The whole idea is that your home is a welcoming space where visitors instantly relax.

The look is based on recreating the aesthetically pleasing lives of US “coastal grandmothers” whose aspirational lives are spent browsing farmers’ markets, enjoying wine on the veranda, and taking relaxing walks along the beach with the wind flowing through their linen shirts.

So how do you get the Coastal Grandma look? Molly Freshwater, co-founder of Secret Linen Store, spoke to YOU and offered us her top tips for achieving the Coastal Grandma look for your home.

Neutral palettes 

When you think coastal you might think blue, but the colour palette for the coastal grandma aesthetic is actually a lot more neutral with touches of warmth. Ecrus, old whites, creams and light beiges are the best base colours for any room, with pops of colour being added by fresh blooms or vintage-style knick-knacks.

Throws and cushions piled high

The aesthetic is all about creating an inviting area for friends and family to be able to drop in and feel comfortable and at ease. There’s nothing better than sinking into a sofa filled with sumptuous cushions and throws, and these are a quick way to add some coastal grandmother vibes to your living room. You don’t want it to feel too prim, so embrace different cushion sizes, styles and colours to perfect that casual and warm look.

Organised clutter in the kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home for any coastal grandma, but forget your minimalist tendencies, this kitchen style is all about the room feeling lived-in. Think utensil jars out of the side, hung pots and pans, cookbooks out and bowls of fresh produce on the counter space. Bonus points if you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island, and if you do it should be used for relaxed meals with friends as you chat over a bottle of white wine.

It’s all about linen

A loose linen shirt is key to the sartorial look of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, but so is using the breathable material for your bedding. The material brings a relaxed and homey vibe to any bedroom, and is loved by coastal grandmothers in real life as it is breathable and cool for those hot summer nights by the sea.

Flowing curtains 

Even if you don’t have a salty coastal breeze flowing through your windows, you can recreate the look of a coastal grandma home with relaxed curtains in neutral shades or subtle patterns. Allowing a bit of extra length to the curtain so it gathers on the floor adds to the relaxed vibe you want to aim for. The scene you want to achieve is having the windows slightly open, with the breeze romantically catching the curtains as you take in the view.

Fresh flowers

A perfect coastal grandmother activity is going out to collect fresh flowers for your home. If you’re not lucky enough to be gathering them from your own garden, shop-bought work just as well. Hydrangeas are the flower of the moment and have been a favourite of coastal grandmas for decades – blues, pinks, purples and whites and all perfect colour choices. You can style them alone or with complementary white roses and lush foliage.

Cosy lighting

A sense of cosiness and calm is brought to many a coastal grandma’s home with an abundance of lamps – take a look at this Aldi dupe of MADE’s best-selling style for some inspiration. Place them on side tables, windowsills, above fireplaces – basically wherever you have the space. It means that as the natural light starts to dim, you can create the perfect backdrop to read or chat with friends with a glass of wine (pastimes loved by many coastal grandmas). If you’re running out of plug space, then you can use wireless spotlights that can be popped under the lampshade and charged with a USB.

Natural accents 

Embrace natural materials throughout the house such as wicker, rattan and real wood. An easy way to do this is to use wicker or rattan baskets for storage and look out for second-hand solid wood pieces on reselling sites or local markets. Real wood side tables or bureaus make the perfect place to have extra lamps and knick-knacks.