This viral travel hack will instantly help you to sleep better in hotel rooms

Travelling is one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, things in the world – except, that is, when a hotel room that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations (or the images that you saw on its Instagram page).

clothes hanger hotel room curtains
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While it is fair to say that you get what you pay for in most cases when it comes to accommodation, sometimes, a room just needs a slight tweak to make it more ideal.

That’s why there are plenty of tips and tricks to help us get the most out of a hotel stay. And now, we may have just discovered the best one yet, courtesy of a viral Twitter thread that has made headlines this week.

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Frequent traveller Rick Klaus took to Twitter to let the world in on a genius hack for getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel room that doesn’t have blackout blinds – simply make your own.

Sharing an image of his DIY job, which he had inherited from another Twitter user in the past, Klaus explained that guests should use a clothes hanger (usually provided in the wardrobe of most hotel rooms) to clip together the gaps in the curtains, ensuring that no light comes in and you get to sleep in a lovely dark room.

‘I don’t remember who posted this on Twitter a few years ago, but whoever you are: you have improved every night I’ve spent in a hotel since,’ he tweeted.

Almost immediately, his helpful post received over 70,000 retweets and racked up nearly 400,000 likes. It was also met with hundreds of replies, with many praising him for sharing the trick and even sharing some of their own hotel hacks.

‘Brilliant,’ one Twitter user declared, while another said: ‘Packing a few clothespins will do the trick, too’ and a third added: ‘I use the clip on the hotel pen, but the hanger looks more effective!’