Always got cold feet? This £24.99 heated cushion could be the answer

Constantly cold feet are a common complaint, and a tough one to beat at that. No matter how high the temperature is, how many pairs of fluffy socks are layered on or how many blankets are wrapped around them, they remain stubbornly chilly from toe to heel – until now.

A genius device has been brought to our attention that promises to make cold feet a problem of the past, thanks to its innovative warming technology. It costs just £24.99 from Amazon, and reviewers say that it’s life changing.


‘I suffer from very bad circulation and numbness in my feet,’ wrote one. ‘I have tried everything from thermal socks, hot water bottles heat pads but nothing covers the entire foot but this is really toasty. I put bare feet in it, it gets warm very quickly – I think the heat is perfect, wouldn’t want it any hotter as I think it would be uncomfortable. My granddaughter had a go with it liked it so much she has bought one too!’


‘I must say I was a bit sceptical about this but I was encouraged by the other reviews, so thank you Amazon reviewers you were so right about this,’ another agreed. ‘I work at home and I try to keep our heating bills low so I sought this as a way to keep me warm, especially my feet. It’s like having a lovely hot water bottle you can put your feet in, and even better it keeps its temperature. For me, once my feet are warm the rest of me follows, so if that describes you hopefully this will have the same effect for you.’

The soft fleece-covered cushion comes in three different colours and has built-in pockets that fit both hands and feet to keep them toasty all year round. To activate it, you simply plug it in to the nearest socket and choose between the two thermostatically controlled heat settings on the remote control. Ten minutes later, you should be at optimum warmth – there’s even a auto cut-out feature for safety.

Clifford James Heated Cushion, £24.99, Amazon

Some shoppers also suggest using the cushion to soothe body and muscle aches, in a similar way you might use heated pack for back or shoulder pain. Others have found their pets are very partial to theirs, so you may find you need to invest in multiples for the colder months ahead.

Either way, as the frost begins to develop and Christmas gets ever closer, there’s never been a better time to order – in fact, if you have Amazon Prime, it could be here by tomorrow!