Clever shoe storage ideas by a decluttering expert

When it comes to making the best use of our storage space, we could all probably do a bit better. Whether you live in a one bed flat or a grand estate, clutter always manages to build up and, as we all know, an untidy house can lead to a stressed out mind.

With that said, some things are just plain difficult to store away easily. Shoes, for example, are odd-shaped and can be bulky (such as boots) to store away neatly. Plus, some shoes you want access to every day while others are reserved for special outings only, so ideally you need a few different shoe storage options for maximum benefit.

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To avoid the dreaded shoe-strewn hallway for good, we spoke to decluttering expert Sally Walford who gave us these four ingenious shoe storage ideas that will revolutionise the way you store your footwear.

Clever shoe storage ideas

1. Sort into seasons

‘First of all, start by sorting your shoes into seasons,’ says Sally. ‘Separating your boots from your flip flops is going to help you with the storage you need in the room.’

She recommends using under bed storage boxes for the shoes you don’t need access to every day, such as special occasion heels and out of season footwear i.e. sandals in winter and boots in summer.

2. Buy the right stackable boxes

‘Stacking shoe boxes that can only be opened from the top are a bad idea as you’re guaranteed to want the pair at the bottom. Stackable clear shoe boxes with a front opening are a great way of saving space, not only can you see what you have, you are giving yourself more space for larger items in your wardrobe.’

We love this Like-It 6 Section Shoe Grid, £35 from John Lewis, especially when used with the ingenious space-saving Like-It shoe holders (£18 for a set of six).

shoe storage boxes
John Lewis

3. Use all available space

‘Limited space in a room or flat? Hanging pocket shoe storage on the back of wardrobe or door maximises spare storage in any space for other essential items.’

We like this hanging over the door organiser, £13.98 from Amazon, while this Blue & White Fabric Hanging Wardrobe Organiser, £35 from Oliver Bonas, prettifies your storage.

hanging shoe storage
Oliver Bonas

4. Hook your heels

‘Having trouble with your heels? Install tension poles in between shelves so you can hook the heel of your shoe onto them in order to keep them together and in place.’

5. Invest in shoe storage cabinets

Sally says that, if you have a small amount of shoes (which she, of course, advocates for) and you have the space, then specialised shoe storage can be a great solution.

MADE shoe storage

There are two types of cabinet style furniture that do this, one works on levers (like this one from MADE, £350) and the other has built-in angled shelving (such as this £325 MADE one). Sally recommends opting for the second style, as she find they hold more, while the first ends up becoming a ‘bits and bobs’ collector!

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